Apex Mobile Factoring App | Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Factoring FAQ

The Apex Mobile Factoring™ App is free to download. Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions about Apex Mobile Factoring™. If you have questions about our factoring or startup programs, please visit our Factoring FAQ or Startup Program FAQ.

No, you don’t have to be factoring with Apex yet, we want you to try out our Mobile Factoring™ app so much we’re letting you do it for FREE! Click here to learn more and get started.

The Mobile Factoring App™ works on almost all smartphones. It just depends what operating system (OS) you have. The Mobile Factoring™ app supports 5.0 OS or later for Android smartphones and 9.0 iOS or later for Apple smartphones. We’re always developing features that use the latest technology, so phones that run off the newest operating systems will receive the best service on the app.

You can download the Apex Mobile App in the Google Play™ Store for Android and App Store℠ for iPhone devices.
Or, search “Apex Capital” to find it in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Nope. The Apex Mobile Factoring App is totally free!

With the Mobile Factoring™ app, you can easily create freight invoices on your phone by taking pictures of your billing paperwork and submit those invoices to Apex for payment. It’s the fastest payment method we have! You can even use the Apex Fuel Finder on the app to save money by finding the best fuel prices based on your location or along a specific route. This factoring app can also be used for day-to-day operations, like running credit checks on your customers, accessing reports, requesting funds, and so much more.

Yes! The settings for drivers are chosen by you based on the features you want them to use, like finding truck stops with the best fuel discounts or allowing them to send or store images of paperwork. The rest of your company information always stays private.

We’re thrilled that you love our credit checks, to request more give us a call at (855)-973-1628 or if you want full access to the Mobile Factoring™ app you can become an Apex factoring client. Get started here.

Most credit check results populate instantly. If the credit check takes more time or needs to be reviewed, we will email, text message, or send a push notification to your phone depending on your preferences, of course.
Learn more about Apex credit checks here.

If you have forgotten your password you can easily click the “Forgot Password” to recover or create a new password. However, after too many unsuccessful attempts to log in, your account will be locked on both the Mobile Factoring™ app and the client site, or Account Management Portal. To regain access to your accounts you will need to contact your Account Executive to get the account unlocked. If your account is locked and you are not sure what to do, please call us at 800-511-6022. We’ll be happy to get your account unlocked for you.

Please use the “submit feedback” button on the app. We’re always working on making the Apex Mobile Factoring™ app the best it can be and love getting suggestions and feedback to make your experience great.