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Record Fuel Card Program Savings

by Apex Capital | June 19, 2014

Apex Gives $50 Million Back to Clients

Fuel Card Program Results in Huge Fuel Savings

We’re thrilled to announce that the Apex Fuel Card Program has saved Apex clients over $50 million in fuel discounts since the program began.

At Apex, we pass on 100% of the discounts from our fuel partners directly back to our clients, resulting in huge savings and benefits for the trucking companies we work with.

The Apex Fuel Card Program

The Apex Fuel Card is accepted at thousands of truck stops across the United States and Canada including Ambest, Flying J, Petro, Pilot, Sapp Bros, Speedway, TA , Wilco-Hess and more!

The fuel card program helps trucking companies deal with with three current issues in the industry; fuel costs, driver management and driver retention.

Our clients often tell us how important the fuel discounts are to their operations.

“Apex has done a great job providing fuel discounts to its clients,” said Brian Henry, an Apex Capital client since 2010. “With the discounts from Ambest and Sapp Bros, I save a lot on the cost of fuel and I am able to run my business more successfully.”

Helping our Clients Succeed

Apex is a full-service factoring company, and we consider ourselves a partner to the small to medium sized trucking companies we work with. Knowing that fuel accounts for approximately 40% of a trucking companies’ operating expenses, we strive to offer huge fuel, tire and other discounts to save them money. The Fuel Card Program has been an important addition to our freight factoring services and keeping our clients on the road.

Apex also features a client-exclusive Fuel Finder to find the best prices on fuel along any route, a mobile app and reporting tools designed to maximize fuel savings.

For more information about becoming an Apex factoring client and how our fuel card program works, apply now or call us at 1-855-369-2739




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