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Product Review: Utility USS-120A Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirt

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Utility USS-120A Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirt

The USS-120 is an aerodynamic utility side skirt created for tractor-trailer vehicles. The Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company fabricated the USS-120 with an innovative bracing system and air-resistant technologies to rival any other design available. The side skirt offers numerous advantages over the others in the industry, and it has unique features that make it stand out against the competition.

The USS-120 was designed to reduce the amount of turbulence that occurs when air passes over truck trailers. It improves the flow of air and minimizes drag on the vehicle. The side skirt reduces the amount of wind that flows under the trailer as well. The bracing system on the USS-120 allows the side skirt to bend outward and inward. This flexibility gives the skirt added stability.

This utility side skirt has several notable features that make it one of the best products on the market. The skirt is constructed from fiberglass reinforced plastic with UV protection, which provides exceptional resilience. High tensile, galvanized steel braces offer additional durability. The braces are essentially indestructible and can be reshaped if any damage occurs.

How a Trailer Side Skirt Improves Fuel Efficiency

There are countless advantages to using the USS-120. Because of the aerodynamic capabilities of the skirt, using this product can improve fuel efficiency significantly. A reduction in fuel consumption substantially decreases the amount of gas emissions, which helps protect the environment. In addition to trimming gas usage, the USS-120 can improve the stability of a truck during high-speed travel.

Fleet owners and trucking operators can benefit greatly from using the USS-120. The skirt has been SmartWay verified by the Environmental Protection Agency. According to the EPA, the USS-120 can provide a fuel savings of over 4%. In the trucking industry, the cost of fuel is a considerable expense for business owners. The cost-effective savings from using this utility side skirt are noteworthy regardless of how many trucks are in a fleet.

The USS-120 can be installed from the factory onto new trailers, and current truck owners can obtain the skirt via the company’s aftermarket department. Because of its strength, aerodynamic qualities and quality construction, this utility side skirt can save trucking companies a substantial amount of money in the long run. The durable materials and unique support system of the USS-120 make this skirt superior in endurance and performance.