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Product Review: Truckers Friend All Purpose Tool

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Working as a truck driver is a physically demanding job that often requires you to do some quick troubleshooting on the road. The Trucker’s Friend is a multi-tool and self-defense device resembling a hatchet. This tool includes an axe head, hammer and claw apparatus, pry bar, nail puller, chain hook and spanner. The tool is touted as a trucking companion, camping tool and aggressive weapon for self-defense.

The head is one solid piece of steel with an anti-rust coating, and the fiberglass handle is shock-absorbing. Because this tool is made in America, you can count on its consistent quality every time. The Trucker’s Friend also comes with a no-hassle, lifetime replacement guarantee so that, if something were to ever happen, you’d be able to get a new one. The tool stands up to regular wear and tear and even the most demanding jobs, and you can resharpen the axe as necessary. The fiberglass handle and shock-absorbing power grip ensure that you can hit things as hard as you want without worrying about recoil.

The Truckers Friend in Every Situation

You can use the hammer and claw end to add or remove nails from old pallets, and you can use the hook and flat of the axe to pry old wood apart. A versatile tool, it’s only limited by your imagination. Additionally, you can use the nail removers to dislodge objects caught in your tires, and you can chop and scrape away any ice in your path.

Truckers may also be first responders in areas with light traffic or during off-hours. The Trucker’s Friend can be used in emergency situations to pry away doors and debris or break windows. Be a hero to yourself or someone else by always being prepared.

The Trucker’s Friend is also great for the outdoors. If you find yourself off the beaten path, you can use the tool to chop wood or hammer tent stakes. This tool is as useful outdoors as it is for projects around the house, making the Trucker’s Friend a buddy for life on and off the road.