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Product Review: GiraffeG4 Overhead Protection System

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When you drive a semi-truck, a common worry is clearance. Can your truck make it through the unmarked tunnel? Has any recent road work taken a few inches from an area you’ve previously cleared? Is that branch looking a little low? Don’t guess on whether or not you can pass an obstacle in your path. Use the GiraffeG4 to get an accurate measurement any time you need one.

Traveling under an arch with only a hope and a prayer to guide you can lead to costly damage to your vehicle and even the structure itself, and weakening a structure can also make it unsafe for others to travel under. A trucker may also face traffic violations for delays caused by damage or for going off-route. Given the massive costs associated with this kind of accident, most truckers don’t want to travel under an archway with only hope to sustain them. Instead, they may back out and find a new route to their destination, which could add hours onto travel time and even lead to missed deadlines. Either way, truckers lose money.

Developed by a trucker with more than 10 years in the business, the GiraffeG4 was built with you in mind. While it’s not always avoidable to go off-route when clearance becomes an issue, you can rest easy knowing you’ll never risk damage to your truck by guessing at an obstacle’s height. The magnetic mount affixes anywhere on your roof or hood, and while it’s easily removed when you want to move it, it remains secure in all kinds of weather.

The GiraffeG4 works when you begin to drive under an obstacle. The device sends a signal to the in-cab meter to display the obstacle’s height. If there isn’t enough clearance, the device will sound an alarm and flash the height to warn you that the obstacle is too low. If the obstacle has sufficient clearance, you will continue to see any adjustments to the height as you pass through.

At $189.95, the GiraffeG4 is well worth the investment. Damage to your truck can run thousands of dollars, and the fines you may incur from violations can easily run the same. Peace of mind is priceless, and at under $200, the GiraffeG4 is a steal. For a tiny investment, you can ensure that you never pay the price for attempting to navigate an unmarked or improperly marked obstacle.