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Pet-Friendly Truck Stops In America

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What Truck Stops are Pet-Friendly?

It is important for you and your pet to get plenty of fresh air, sunshine and a little exercise. It’s easier when you can do this and fuel up at the same time. Many truck stops and rest areas have become pet-friendly to help you and your pet have a better pit stop during a trip. Truck stops are always updating their facilities, so it never hurts to call and check if a truck stop is cat or dog friendly before you stop in.

Dog-Friendly Truck Stops

TA and Petro Stopping Centers offer dedicated areas for pets that need some exercise or a rest break. For example, the Petros in Raphine, Virginia, Reddick, Florida and Sparks, Nevada have pet areas! Waste bags and trash receptacles are also available for easy cleanup. The travel stores also carry a variety of pet care products!

The TA Travel Center in Morris, IL not only has a great pet area but you can also eat at the famous R Place Restaurant known for their 4-pound burger.

Plus, when you stop at TA and Petro Truck Stops to fuel up, you’ll get a great discount using the Apex TCS Fuel Card.

Iowa 80 Truckstop (Walcott, Iowa) offers a Dogomat Pet Wash, which is self-served and open 24 hours. It is located in front of the Truckomat Truck Wash. They don’t currently allow pets inside the main building, but at the world’s largest truck stop, you’ll have plenty to see and do with your pet!

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Florida 595 Truck Stop (Davie, Florida) offers a dog park for the pet co-pilots, as long as their ‘business’ is cleaned up afterwards. According to Team Run Smart, they’re very pet friendly!

The 49er Travel Plaza in Sacramento has a pet wash and walking areas.

This list doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of pet and dog friendly truck stops in America. If you know of a truck stop that’s pet friendly and want to share, please let us know on our Facebook page, we love hearing from you!