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Papenfuss Trucking Inc Wins the 2022 Apex Client Calendar Contest

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A Truck and a Mountain

Papenfuss Trucking Inc Wins the 2022 Apex Client Calendar Contest

Can a truck photo move a mountain? Maybe not, but it can certainly win a contest. Minnesota-based Papenfuss Trucking Inc won the 2022 Apex Client Calendar cover contest with a grand pic of their white-with-orange truck parked in front of a sprawling mountain. That means Papenfuss Trucking will be on the cover and a month they select.

The Papenfuss truck photo got 123 votes for the victory. This, however, isn’t the first time the husband-and-wife team of Amy and Johnny Papenfuss get to see their truck on the cover of an Apex Client Calendar. Papenfuss scored its first cover win for the 2019 installment of the Apex Client Calendar with a stunning shot of their blue truck surrounded by a beautiful lake and lush greenery.

And a year before that, Papenfuss Trucking won an honorable mention slot in the 2018 Apex Client Calendar. So, congratulations again Papenfuss Trucking!

And the Rest of the Winners Are…

To fill up the remaining spots on the 13-month calendar, we will be randomly featuring the rest of the winners of this year’s contest:

  • Around the Truck Transportation LLC
  • Carbridge Transport LLC
  • Gary Freight Co. LLC
  • Guzman Truck Lines LLC
  • J M G Transport Inc
  • MG Carriers LLC

  • Michael A Manuel
    Trucking Inc
  • Pegasus Logistics LLC
  • Sevins Trucking
  • Top Transport Inc
  • Topline Express LLC
  • Wendt Trucking LLC

We also have two honorable mentions – EMH Services Inc and Umbrella Logistics Corp. All our clients will receive a copy of the 2022 Apex Capital Client Calendar in December.

Apex Shows Appreciation for Our Clients

Our annual Apex Client Calendar is one of the many ways we show our appreciation for our clients. We like to frame 13 chrome and steel beauties and showcase them as shining examples of pride and joy. This year’s contest to select the baker’s dozen trucks and pick a cover winner began June 17 with photo submissions through July 9. From July 12-16, our fellow Apexers voted to select the Top 13, and from July 22-Aug. 3 public votes determined the cover-winning truck.

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