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How are Fuel Discounts Determined?

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Fuel Discounts for Truckers Defined

Have you ever wondered how diesel fuel prices are determined? Are you unsure of the difference between types of fuel discounts, such as cost plus, retail minus and cash price? With the fluctuating price of diesel, you may feel even more confused!  So, your friends at Apex made this handy infographic to help you understand some of the terms used in the fuel industry.


The “Cost” of Fuel

“Cost” is the price the truck stop pays for the fuel, including taxes and the costs to deliver it to the truck stop. “Cost plus” is the “cost” of the fuel plus a negotiated amount (usually a few cents), and “cost minus” is the “cost” minus a negotiated amount.

Retail or “Cash” Price of Fuel

Retail, known as “cash,” fuel prices are determined by competition in the marketplace, so “retail minus” is the retail “cash” price minus a negotiated amount. The “credit” price is the price a truck driver pays with a credit card and is typically the retail price plus 5 or 6 cents.

Apex Fuel Card

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