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Apex Fuel Card Saves Truckers $75 Million on Fuel

by Apex Capital | February 8, 2016

Fuel card savings for truckers

Fuel Savings for Trucking Companies

The Apex Fuel Card Program is helping trucking companies just like yours save at the pump. Our Fuel Card Program just hit a record savings of $75 million in fuel discounts for our clients since the program began!

When fuel costs can account for up to 40% of your business expenses, it’s nice to know that your fuel card is helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

The savings add up quickly because we pass 100% of the discounts from our fuel partners directly back to our clients. We want the trucking companies we work with to keep more money in their trucking company, and not spend it all at the pump!

A Fuel Card for Truckers

The Apex Fuel Card has one of the largest fuel discount networks in the industry and is accepted at over 6,000 truck stops across the United States and Canada, with discounts at Ambest, Pilot Flying J, Roady’s, Sapp Bros, Speedway, TA and Petro, Wilco-Hess and more!

We even offer our Apex Fuel Finder to help you get the best discounts along your route.

How to Save Thousands on Diesel Fuel

Because fuel is one of the largest variable costs in trucking, it can be tough to manage, especially if you own a small trucking company. Our white paper, “How to Save Thousands on Fuel” helps you save even more!

You’ll learn:

  • How you could saver over $3,000 on fuel per truck annually
  • How different types of fuel discounts make a difference in what you pay at the pump
  • Which driving techniques can decrease your fuel costs
  • How tires can make a big difference in fuel economy

Click here to get the FREE white paper.

To learn more about and sign up for the Apex Fuel Card Program call us today at 1-855-369-2739. If you need cash fast, get started here. Our factoring services, fuel card program, free load board and other tools will help your fleet save time and money.




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