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Elections 2014: Be Heard!

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Election Day is November 4th. Taking part in the electoral process is one of the best ways to make your voice heard. When casting your vote, you can show support for the issues important to you and in the trucking industry. It can be tough to make voting a priority when your job requires you to be on the road, but it’s so important to have an active role in the future of our country. If you’re going to be in the truck on Election Day, you have several options to cast your vote.

How Truckers can Vote

Over-the-road truckers, who aren’t close to their home polling place, can send in an absentee ballot, vote early, or vote by mail. These options allow you to vote before you hit the road. Check out these methods to find which option works best for you.

Absentee Voting: Most states offer absentee voting, also known as mail ballots, as a way for individuals to cast their vote without going to their polling place on November 4th. Depending on your state, you can get absentee ballots from a county clerk, county auditor, county registrar, supervisor of elections, or the board of elections. Be sure to check websites for contact information to get your ballot.

Early Voting: In some states, you can vote early in person at an election official’s office or other satellite voting location. The average starting time for early voting is 22 days before Election Day, but be sure to check your state’s website to see what your state offers.

Mail Voting: Colorado, Oregon and Washington run their elections entirely by mail. Every registered voter should receive their ballot by mail and be able to vote before Election Day. Additionally, 20 states allow certain elections to be held by mail.

Be sure to check with your local election’s office or Secretary of State for more information on the options offered in your state. Truckers can even log onto, OOIDA’s initiative to encourage trucker’s participation, to get help with registering. After clicking the “How to Register” link on the site, you can select your home state and get specific information about registration deadlines and absentee voting.

Want to know what trucking issues are on the ballot?

Truckers can visit to find more information on transportation related ballot issues. The Elections 2014 page is under the Special Features and Reports section on the home page. There you can find information on issues pertaining to the trucking industry such as enhancing state transportation funds, local sales tax and vehicle fee increases for roads and transit, repealing an automatic fuel tax increase, and borrowing to pay for roads. There is also information on governors’ races and incumbent’s track records on highway trucking issues.

Other resources that focus on trucking issues are,,, and

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