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Eating and Trucking

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Apex Lunch & Learn Event Helps You Start Your Trucking Company

On a sunny yet chilly afternoon we talked about starting your own trucking company and we ate piping hot seafood. That’s a great combination, we think. As did everyone in the packed room filled with 50 attendees.

Our latest Lunch & Learn event, dubbed “Learn How to Start Your Trucking Company,” was held January 25, 2019 at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Arlington, Texas. Our Apex Startup Program team was in attendance providing valuable information and answering questions about the complex process of starting a trucking company.

The Apex Startup Program team regularly hosts these Lunch & Learn events – about 10 of them a year – to explain the services we provide for future trucking company owners. We are experts at walking potential proprietors through the journey of forming a trucking company. We help you form your business entity, complete and file the registrations needed to get your motor carrier operating authority, understand the costs associated with launching a trucking company, and so much more.

Have you been thinking of forming a trucking company? Have you wondered what our “Learn How to Start Your Trucking Company” Lunch & Learn events are all about? Let’s use the January 25, 2019 gathering as an example of what you can expect at these Apex Startup Program events.

Trucking Nuggets of Wisdom

What nuggets of wisdom can you walk away with at one of our Apex Startup Program Lunch & Learn events? Well, how about great facts such as:


  • The trucking industry employs 7.4 million (that’s 1 in 16 people).
  • There are 1.3 million trucking companies currently in operation.
  • 97% of those run with 20 or less trucks.
  • 91% of those run with 6 or less trucks.
  • For-hire common carriers generate revenue of $97.9 billion annually.

The Lunch & Learn events consist of an hour-long presentation that walks you through the important steps of starting a trucking company – from coming up with a name all the way to securing customers.

Steps to Starting a Trucking Company

Liz Sukhewatna, Business Start-Up Sales Consultant, delivered the presentation at Pappadeaux. She never missed a beat even as lunch was being served and she answered questions during the presentation. Fellow Apex Startup Program members Reghan Grasty, Josh Hill, and Kayla Marks were also on hand answering questions and making everyone feel welcome.

Throughout the presentation, Liz made sure to emphasize the important steps to complete during the process of starting a trucking company, including:


  • Deciding what type of company to have
  • Naming your company
  • Obtaining an employee identification number
  • Completing your authority registration
  • Securing insurance coverage
  • Adhering to state specific regulations
  • Being compliant with FMCSA requirements
  • Calculating the costs
  • Planning for your customer base, loads, cash flow, fuel savings

All of us in the Apex Startup Program are always here to advise and guide potential trucking company owners,” says Liz. “We realize it could be a complicated process, so we try to make it as easy for them as possible. These Lunch & Learn events are a great way to get the message to many future trucking company owners at once while enjoying a delicious meal.

Next Apex Lunch & Learn

So when will the next Apex Startup Program Lunch & Learn be? We are headed to Laredo, Texas on February 8 and then back to Arlington April 12. For more information on Apex events, check out our page here.

Ready to be your own boss and start your trucking company? We would be happy to help you. Visit our website or simply give us a call at 855-369-2739.