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Apex Honors One of Our Own with Cancer Care Donation

by Apex Capital | April 29, 2015

Cancer Care

It’s likely we’ve all watched a loved one fight cancer. Cancer affects a lot of people and it really hits home here at Apex. We recently lost one of our long-time employees to leukemia.

During her fight, our employees raised money to support her and others fighting cancer by donating activity supplies, office supplies, and chemo jackets to Cancer Care Services, a non-profit organization in Fort Worth, Texas, which provides support for cancer patients and their families during and after the treatment process.

We recently donated a new leather couch and matching chairs for their office. This will give cancer patients and their families a nice place to relax during their treatment.

It’s important to us to give back to our community and supporting Cancer Care Services helps us honor an Apex employee who was loved, respected and will be greatly missed.

Through the Apex Corporate Citizenship committee, we are able to continue to invest our hearts and time throughout the year to benefit local organizations. To read more about how Apex gives back to its community, visit the community page on our website.




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