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Apex Mobile App Update Released

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We are happy to introduce the latest update to the Apex Mobile App. Apex Capital clients asked and we listened! This newest round of updates includes the most requested features straight from Apex factoring clients and provides better navigation to make the app more user friendly.

So what’s new in the Apex Mobile App?

Included in the new update are 4 big features:

  • PIN login
  • Drawer navigation
  • Remote searching with Fuel Finder
  • Reports dashboard

PIN feature: Apex clients can log into the app using a custom-selected PIN number of his or her choice. Clients can then use this to log in instead of typing out a username and password each time. This allows for a faster login and increased security.

Drawer navigation: The left hand drop down drawer navigation allows for easier use of the app. Gone are the strip navigation bars at the bottom. Now clients can browse the app with ease!

Reports dashboard:  If you’re an Apex client, you can now track schedules and funding straight from your mobile phone. All of the items on the Apex client website dashboard are now included as reports in the app, including an aging report, concentration, recent fundings, and recent schedules reports.

Fuel finder: Rather than being limited to searching only areas near their current location, clients can also now use the Apex fuel finder to search remote locations.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. With your thoughts and requests we were able to release your most requested updates, making sure that the app continues to be as user-friendly and customized to the needs of Apex clients as possible.

Stay tuned to our blog for other updates from Apex.