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TA Petro Discounts & Specials

When you factor with Apex, you can use our fuel card program to get discounts on fuel nationwide. But your trucking company doesn’t just need fuel. Apex factoring clients get extra discounts on truck service, tires and maintenance at TA and Petro truck stops nationwide. In addition to the Apex discounts, TA and Petro offer special promotions and discounts to Apex clients on tires, service and maintenance.

Other Savings and Promotions at TA Petro

Apex Clients Save on Tires

As an Apex Factoring client, you save big on tires at TA Truck Service Facilities

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Coverage When You Need It

Winterized Diesel Protection

Offer valid November 1,2018. Additional winter additives are available for purchase at our Travel Stores and Truck Service locations across the country.

Windshield Repair

We will repair up to 3 chips and/or cracks on a single windshield using the latest repair technology to achieve professional, clear results.