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Refrigerated Trucking

When you want to start a refrigerated trucking business, having the finances to kick-start your efforts is important. Ensuring you have the support you need to start your endeavors on the right foot meets partnering with a trustworthy source for freight factoring operations.

With Apex Capital, your refrigerated trucking business benefits from consistent cash flow. Deliver goods from point A to point B knowing your business is in excellent standing.

What Is a Refrigerated Trucking Company?

Refrigerated trucking is sometimes called reefer trucking. This industry focuses on shipping food, beverages, and merchandise that must stay at specific temperatures. Drivers transport a large temperature-controlled trailer to prevent goods from spoiling or changing consistency.

How to Start a Refrigerated Freight Company

Apex knows how hard it can be to get your small-to-medium-size trucking business off the ground. However, you can follow a few key steps to streamline your process and reach success.

  1. Create a Business Plan
    Developing an original business plan will help you fine-tune your operations. Build your business slowly by developing goals that reflect your mission. Investigate the biggest competitors in your area to ensure you can offer something unique.
  2. Register Your Business With Local and State Governments
    You will need to register your refrigerated freight company with the local and state governments in your area. Research the types of business entities that would best suit your vision. You’ll want to review the various options you have for filing taxes and claiming ownership of the new brand.
  3. Get a Business License, Permit, and Insurance
    Obtaining a license, permit, and insurance for your refrigerated freight company allows you to stay compliant. Your state officials will want to know your business’s location. Plus, investing in business insurance plans lets you protect your employees and vehicles in case of an accident.
  4. Select the Right Equipment
    Of course, you’ll need refrigerated trucks to start your operations. Choose vehicles with trailers that will meet your clientele’s demands and enable you to scale your business. Consider the cost, comfort level, and transportation requirements of your vehicles before purchasing them.
  5. Ensure You Have the Funding You Need
    A factoring company like Apex makes it easy to maintain a steady cash flow. Investigate other resources such as fuel cards to save on recurring expenses for your business as well.

Costs of Starting a Refrigerated Freight Company

Kick-starting a refrigerated freight company can bring you large profits. Additional costs will come up once you get the ball rolling, though.

You’ll need to maintain your reefer trailers and trucks and make sure each one is registered with your state. It’s also important to account for the occasional repair of refrigeration equipment. Have Apex assist you through the process of starting a refrigerated freight company. We’ll be happy to give you pricing details for our services.

Apex Helps With Factoring for Refrigerated Freight Companies

At Apex, we help business owners tackle the hardships of the refrigerated freight industry. Whether you could use guidance on obtaining a company license or want a trusted partner to cover freight bills, we’re here for you.

We’ve been working with trucking clients in the field since 1995, offering the highest level of support. Get paid quickly with numerous factoring services available from Apex.

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