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Dry Bulk Trucking

In the construction and industrial fields, having project supplies is essential. Dry bulk trucking companies are the solution to any logistical complications. When you’re starting your own dry bulk transportation company, remember Apex Capital for freight factoring services, fuel cards, and advice for entering the field.

There is great opportunity for entrepreneurs who can handle the demands of the dry bulk trucking business. Thanks to our team, you can get paid for local and interstate trips almost immediately.

What Is Dry Bulk Trucking?

Dry bulk trucking involves relocating heavy raw materials in vast quantities. Many industries rely on this type of freight. Commodities such as wood, steel, cement, food, and metals are delivered across the globe in this fashion.

Whether a company builds residential and commercial structures or oversees manufacturing processes, dry bulk trucking is a huge part of the supply chain and makes these jobs possible.

How to Start a Dry Bulk Trucking Company

You can start a dry bulk trucking company using a multi-step process. Look at the following details to see how you can progress with your business ventures:

  1. Check out your competition: You’ll need a competitive edge. See what other bulk trucking companies in your location do for their clientele. Explore ways to impress nearby customers with faster turnarounds.
  2. Set a plan for the business: Writing a business plan for your team keeps you accountable. Shape your vision for the company and see how many workers, vehicles, and locations you’ll require to make it reality.
  3. Communicate with industry experts: Dry bulk trucking companies from other areas may share their wisdom with you. Talk with professionals in the industry who can tell you about permits and licenses you’ll need.
  4. Shop dry bulk trucks: Note the types of dry bulk transportation trucks that fit your budget. Buy vehicles once you’ve decided a particular model will meet your performance and weight capacity needs.
  5. Build clientele and monitor your income: See what you can do to persuade businesses to choose your dry bulk trucking company over others. Work with Apex for freight factoring services to get paid faster.

Expected Costs of Starting a Trucking Company

Running a dry bulk trucking company will require you and your drivers to have commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). The cost of CDL training and testing varies between states. You’ll also need to identify your company with United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Motor Carrier (MC) numbers to transport cargo to different destinations.

One of the more obvious costs of starting a dry bulk trucking company is purchasing trucks and trailers. See whether new or used vehicles are better for your applications. You can save money by buying vehicles that are just a few years old if you can live without the latest cabin technology. Additionally, all your vehicles and drivers should have insurance for safe operation.

For further details on the costs of a trucking startup, Apex has a full guide with estimated pricing information you can reference online.

Choose Apex to Handle Freight Factoring Services for Dry Bulk Trucking Companies

Dry bulk trucking companies need consistent cash flow. Apex enables you to keep tanks full with freight factoring services and the highest degree of customer support. We’ll buy your freight invoices with zero hidden fees and pay you in minutes once you build a relationship with us.

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