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Apex ELD

Ready for Your ELD Solutions?

The FMCSA requires most trucking companies to record driving hours using an approved electronic logging device (ELD). ELDs help ensure a truck driver’s data on engine run time, miles driven, and time spent operating is accurate.

Apex offers clients a discounted ELD solution through its partnership with Motive. Motive offers Apex clients a discount on their compliance and safety solutions including an ELD that is approved by the FMCSA.
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Ready for Your ELD Solutions?

Stay Compliant

An approved ELD is how you stay compliant and avoid possible fines, not to mention keep from being placed out-of-service. We recommend installing a Motive ELD. Many Apex clients recommend Motive as well. You can buy a Motive ELD right here. But if you prefer another ELD solution, that’s great. The important part is that you have an approved ELD to stay compliant!

Avoid Violations & Improve Safety

An ELD helps you avoid CSA violations, especially the ‘form
and manner’ violation. Logbook infractions account for 40%
of driver violations – missing logs, false logs, and dropped trips. Collecting data on your fleet can boost productivity, prevent accidents, and improve safety for your drivers.

Better CSA Scores

Using an ELD can help your CSA scores by reporting accurate, up-to-date compliance records. Lower CSA scores can lead to lower insurance costs, better loads, and more money.

Save Time

An ELD virtually eliminates manual paperwork, giving you huge time and money savings. It electronically captures state-by-state mileage to make IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) filing a breeze.

Become an Apex Client

If you have any questions regarding ELDs or becoming an Apex factoring client, please call us at 844-204-6608.