Produce Haul Rates & Opportunities

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Produce Haul Rates & Opportunities

Truckers looking for opportunities to make money and gain driving experience need look no further than produce hauling.

While many states are suffering from poor crops due to prolonged drought conditions, there are states that are enjoying an abundance of produce. The balance between poor crops and exceptional harvests has kept produce haul rates steady across the country. Truckers searching for opportunities in produce hauling will generally want to stay away from the Midwest and Northeastern United States as drought conditions have hit these areas the worst.

Where is the Produce?

The most lucrative opportunities can be found along the West Coast and in the Southern United States. Northern California has had a successful growing season with grapes, vegetables, peaches, plums and nectarines. Truckers hauling vegetable crops across the country from the Salinas Valley in California to the East Coast can expect an average haul rate exceeding $7,500.

Washington State’s famous sweet cherries are currently in season and ready to be hauled. Truckers interested in opportunities in the Pacific Northwest may also be able to find work hauling onion and potato crops from Washington State to the Midwest for an average of $3,000.

Tropical fruits shipped throughout the country are now being harvested in Texas. The best opportunities in Texas for truckers hoping to haul the bounty are located in the southern part of the state near the United States-Mexico border.

Truckers looking for upcoming opportunities can be assured that the potato crops in Idaho will be ready to haul in the near future. The latest potato crops in this area are expected to be ready for shipment sometime during the month of August.

Despite the failing of crops across the country, opportunities for truckers to haul produce shipments remain abundant as long as truckers stay focused on specific parts of the county. Truckers should focus on searching for opportunities in the areas listed above to assure the highest chance of success and the biggest payout.

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