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What do Trucking Companies Look for in a Truck Driver?

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Applying for a position with a trucking company can mean competing with other experienced drivers to get the job. The key to landing a new job as a driver is crafting a resume that stands out from the rest and making a positive impression on interviewers. This guide details the qualities that a driver needs to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Truck Driving Experience

Trucking companies are looking for candidates who have verified experienced as a CDL driver. This experience typically must be recent, and more experience time is expected if there has been a gap since a candidate has driven. Three months is often the minimum experience required, but drivers with one year or more of experience will be paid at a higher rate.

Computer Skills

Computer skills were not always a necessity in the truck driving field, but technological advances have made these skills essential for candidates who want to stay ahead in the job market. One particular reason for the need for computer skills is the shift from handwritten mileage logs to computerized logging or electronic logging devices (ELDs). The system used to log miles via computer is more accurate than a handwritten log and less prone to human error, so trucking companies are actively seeking candidates who are already familiar with this logging method.

Dressing for the Interview

Some applicants make the mistake of assuming that it is appropriate to dress casually for an interview because they are able to dress that way while on the road. Trucking companies want to know that applicants take the company seriously.

A benefit of dressing appropriately for the interview is that other applicants may be under the impression that casual dress is acceptable. Showing up in business attire makes a good first impression and sets a candidate apart from everyone else. It is the ideal way for an applicant to show a company how important the interview and the position are before sitting down to discuss the details.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Never be late for an interview. It is ideal for a candidate to arrive to an interview 15 minutes early.
  • Avoid asking about subjects such as pay and drug testing. Asking about compensation during the interview gives the impression that the job itself is not important to the candidate, and asking about drug testing policy seems suspicious.
  • Do not make negative comments about past coworkers or employers. The trucking company will get the impression that they will be the next employer that the candidate will degrade.
  • Allow the conversation to flow naturally. This means avoiding talking too much or not enough. Answer questions and having questions prepared for the interviewer.