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Save More with the Apex Prescription Discount Card

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Prescription Discount Card Provides up to 87% Savings!

Staying healthy on the road isn’t just about eating right and getting exercise. Taking care of yourself means making sure you’re getting the right medication for you and your family. You don’t want to spend more money than you have to and that’s where Apex can help.

Apex Capital offers the Apex Prescription Savings Card, a free prescription discount card that provides up to 87% savings on generic medications. It’s available for anyone to use with no activation or expiration date, so friends and family can save big too.

Over 63,000 participating pharmacies across the U.S. and Puerto Rico accept the card, including all major chains and most independent pharmacies, so you get the best price on the medications you need. You can even check for the lowest price in your area by using the pharmacy price search at or calling 1-800-808-1213.

Card user Linda Allison said, “I don’t have a prescription drug plan, so I tried the card at the Wal-Mart pharmacy, thinking that it would save me $5 to $10 on a generic drug. The price I’ve been paying is $54.62 and with the discount card my price is $29.57!”

Just give the prescription card to your local pharmacy to start saving. For 21 of the 25 most frequently used generic drugs, the Apex Prescription Discount Card price has been lower than insurance copays of $10 or more.

Want to keep your trucking business healthy too? Call us today at 855-369-2739 to learn how our freight factoring and fuel card programs can help you keep your money in your trucking company where it belongs.