Apex has partnered with EFS LLC to provide a fuel program that returns 100% of the discounts to you.

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The Apex fuel card is accepted at thousands of truck stops across the United States and Canada including:

Ambest · Flying J · Petro · Pilot · Roady's · Sapp Bros · Speedway · TA · Wilco-Hess

Maximize your savings

We understand that fuel costs are 40% of your business...

That’s why we strive to ensure you save the most on fuel when using the Apex Fuel Card Program. We also have great reporting tools designed to make sure you're getting the most out of your fuel card. Saving money on fuel has never been easier!

Looking for fuel advances? Fuel credit lines are available for most Apex clients. This alternative will cost less than taking fuel advances with less hassle.

Finding fuel is easy

The Apex Fuel Finder sends you to savings.

Use our client-exclusive Apex Fuel Finder when you log-on to our website, or find your fuel on the go with the Apex Mobile App. Our Fuel Finder shows you the truck stops near you and even shows the cash price on fuel, so you can get the best price when you fill up!

Your savings won't stop with fuel

Apex cares about your success, so we offer programs to make sure drivers stay healthy and fleets are well maintained.

You'll receive discounts on tires, maintenance services, FedEx, hotels, medical prescriptions, and more. These savings are designed to create happy owners, drivers and families.

Did you know…

We’ve saved our clients more than 50 million dollars in fuel costs since 2008.