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TrailerTail: New Trucking Technology Saves Money

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In an economy where fuel mileage affects shipping costs and shipping costs affect a company’s profit margin, trucking and transportation businesses are looking for ways to lower costs without sacrificing safety and efficiency. The TrailerTail® is one way to lower fuel mileage by improving the aerodynamics of existing trucks used in shipping and transport.

What Is TrailerTail®?

The TrailerTail® is an open-ended box-like frame of durable thermoplastic panels and galvanized metal that is semi-permanently attached to the rear of the truck. It holds an aerodynamic shape, reducing emissions and improving fuel mileage. The TrailerTail® expands and collapses compactly in a folding pattern upon impact or when it’s not in use.

How It Works

The TrailerTail® is attached to the rear of the trailer in a dry van or refrigerated trailer model while keeping the original doors and back end intact. A gas-powered spring system opens the assembly to an aerodynamically angled position during travel. Wind drag behind the truck is lowered, increasing fuel mileage.

Features and Compatibility

This durable device has many features to reduce fuel consumption and improve safety. For example, the patent-pending design reduces rear road spray hazards to other drivers while withstanding high winds above 90 miles per hour. It also discourages tailgating. The TrailerTail® is available in three sizes for installation as a factory option or as an addition to existing trucks in a fleet. Which style to choose depends on the truck’s size and design. The TrailerTail® is compatible with flatbed trailers with rolling tarps, drop frame trailers and swing-door trucks. It typically lasts the lifetime of the trailer under rugged daily use.

Cost Efficiency

The exact level of fuel efficiency and savings depends on how many miles are run and how fast the vehicle is going. The TrailerTail® offers a minimum 6.6 percent improvement in fuel efficiency at 65 miles per hour. It is most efficient for companies running fleets between 45 and 75 miles per hour with a total of more than 30,000 miles per year. Transport companies save a minimum of eight gallons for every 1,000 miles of travel when it’s used on the back of trucks at highway speeds.

Testing and Certification

The TrailerTail® is safe and legal to operate. It is exempt from federal length restrictions and is certified and approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) for roadway use. The TrailerTail® is compliant with the 2010 CARB trailer aerodynamics regulations and is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The device has been subjected to numerous safety and fuel efficiency tests, including SAE J1321 testing.

The TrailerTail® is one of the latest developments in trucking technology that changes the aerodynamics of the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions without sacrificing safety and durability.

Visit the TrailerTail website to see videos and other product information.