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Product Review: Airtab

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When you’re in the trucking industry, you know how important performance and fuel economy are. Pressure drag can add hours when hauling freight, and with fuel costs still high, you want to save money wherever you can. Aeroserve Technologies Ltd. had those needs in mind when they developed Airtabs, patented vortex generators that improve performance through the reduction of drag on tractor-trailers. By improving air flow in the tractor-trailer gap and the back of the vehicle, aerodynamic drag is reduced, leading to an increase in fuel economy. While NASA does not endorse products, they have found Airtab to be the lowest drag generator available. Given NASA employs some of the nation’s best and brightest, that’s no small praise.

How Airtabs Work

Airtabs are wishbone in shape and are mounted every four inches. The wishbone shape funnels air along the surface, which also increases the stability of the rig. Air currents can often be erratic, but Airtabs force the air flow to conform to a specific path, which leads to more solid handling. Driving a large vehicle, like a semi-truck, can be difficult enough without weather or air currents from passing vehicles thrown into the mix. Airtabs also account for other weather hazards like rain or snow by funneling unpredictable spray patterns into a more streamlined course, thereby increasing visibility. Finally, channeling wind and precipitation away from the center of the surface improves the appearance of the truck by shielding it from weather damage, which can bolster your trucking company’s image and negate the cost of heavy cleaning. Airtabs may also be painted to match the custom trim of your truck for a seamless product.

Trucks with Airtabs installed can expect to reduce fuel costs by two to four percent annually. Depending on the mileage you put on your truck each year, you can save hundreds or even thousands of gallons of fuel with Airtabs. Airtabs are also relatively easy to install using an acrylic-based tape and measuring device. They can also be mounted on the hood of the vehicle with reports of fewer bug splatters and cleaner mirrors. When you consider the safety and savings benefits along with the overall improved appearance of the vehicle, it’s easy to justify the cost of using these generators.