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How blynk™ Helps Apex Factoring Clients Achieve Steady Cash Flow Success

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How blynk™ Helps Apex Factoring Clients Achieve Steady Cash Flow Success

Truckers need to get paid fast after hauling loads. Steady cash flow is crucial to keep a small to medium-sized trucking company in business. The steadier the cash flow, the better the chances for success.

Yet most carriers are lucky if they get paid in 30 days for hauling a load. That’s just the nature of the trucking industry. Luckily, today truckers do have a choice.

The new blynk™ digital payment system for Apex Capital factoring clients gets trucking companies paid quicker than quick after their freight invoices are purchased. No other factoring company offers this type of payment, so no one pays you FASTER – guaranteed!

blynk™ saves you money, gets you fast cash flow, gives you immediate access to your funds, offers a variety of payment methods, and is supported by most financial institutions nationwide. How does blynk™ help make business easier for trucking companies? Our Apex factoring clients can tell you.

No Incoming Wire Fees Means Leo’s Express LLC Saves Money to Make Money

Saving money is making money, especially for trucking companies. You need fast cash flow in your pocket, so Apex client Leo Popov, co-owner of Indian Trail, North Carolina-based Leo’s Express LLC, takes advantage of blynk™. With blynk™, there are no incoming wire fees at most banks. That’s big savings every time Leo gets paid in minutes.

“We had been searching for a cost-effective and a quick way to be paid for our loads, and Apex came to the rescue with blynk™,” says Leo. “It has been a very easy setup process and we are very pleased with the speed of payment. The whole process overall is saving us a significant amount of money every month.”

Leo Express Saving Money

Fast Cash Flow Gets Roadstar Express LLC Paid in Minutes

Fast cash flow is huge for trucking companies. After hauling a load, you need the money in your bank account immediately. Apex client Mary Petrillo, who co-owns Bayonne, New Jersey-based Roadstar Express LLC with her sister Louise Connors, relies on blynk™ because the money goes right into their bank account. Mary knows she’s getting paid fast.

“I have been an extremely satisfied client with Apex Capital for many years,” says Mary. “They have now taken their A+ service to another level by providing a quicker, less costly funding option through their new platform, blynk™. Two thumbs up for their continuous efforts in offering nothing but the best for their clients!”

Roadstar Express Faster Pay

Immediate Access to Funds Keeps V & O Logistics on the Road

Trucking companies need access to their money now – not tomorrow or the next day. Fast cash flow is the key to staying in business. You need your funds available for immediate withdrawal. Apex client Oksana Pidruchna, Vice President of V & O Logistics in Westchester, Illinois, uses blynk™ since funds are available for immediate withdrawal. Oksana doesn’t have to wait for the transaction to clear.

“The financing through blynk™ is very convenient, especially if you need your money quick,” says Oksana. “It really has made getting paid fast even easier.”

V&O Logistics Faster Pay

Nationwide Support Gives CMA Global Transport Inc. Payment Convenience

Ease, convenience, and options work together with fast cash flow to successfully keep a trucking company in business. You need your fast cash options without any extra work. Charles Cowans, president of Illinois-based CMA Global Transport Inc., uses blynk™ because it is supported by most financial institutions nationwide. Charles easily and conveniently gets his money.

CMA Global Quicker Pay

“Getting paid faster has always seemed like a necessity in our business,” says Charles. “Often it was needed but never provided without higher fees or knowing exactly when you would receive payment. With blynk™, Apex has taken a lot of the guesswork out and provided a quicker payment option for immediate cash withdrawal after my freight invoices are purchased. This has truly been a huge win toward successfully managing my cash flow!”

Variety of Payment Methods Provide Even More Convenient Options

Talk about even more convenient options. blynk™ provides a variety of payment methods, including bank debit cards, Zelle®, and direct DDA transfer. Additional digital payment service platforms are in development. The goal here is to accommodate trucking companies far and wide. We know that steady cash flow leads to greater business success. Let Apex and blynk™ be part of that success.

Need your money in minutes? Apex freight factoring gets you paid faster with blynk™. No more waiting hours or days for money to show up in your bank account. We are here to make sure your trucking company cash flows faster than the blynk™ of an eye. Check out our website as or give us a call at 844-204-8654.