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Tanker Truck Companies

Businesses all over the world need supplies hauled to working locations. Some professionals require tanker trucks to move liquids or gases where they need to be.

Like railroad tank cars, tanker trucks can transport many types of liquids for building and storage purposes. Decision makers in plumbing, roadwork, food and beverage, and agricultural fields need support in this area. A trustworthy tanker truck company can help.

With the experts at Apex Capital, you can take your tanker truck company to new heights. Start your business endeavors with a team that’s been working with entrepreneurs for over 25 years.

What Is Tanker Trucking?

Tanker trucking companies transport delicate liquids locally and across state lines for delivery. Vehicles used for these operations can weigh thousands of pounds once the hauling tanks are full. It takes a driver with the right level of training to move pressurized or non-pressurized liquids from point A to point B safely.

Your tanker trucking company might haul sewage, cement mixtures, water, or oil. It takes a dedicated team with the correct vehicles and approach to ensure deliveries reach their destinations.

How to Start a Tanker Truck Company

Apex offers advice to anyone interested in starting a tanker truck company. You can use the general guide below to think a few steps ahead during startup:

  1. Pay attention to competitors: Fine-tune your sales approach by ensuring your tanker truck services offer advantages to clientele. Research the equipment your competition has and what they promise.
  2. Draft up a business plan: Tanker truck companies must think multiple steps ahead. Decide what you’ll name your business and how you’ll tackle financial roadblocks. Note how many vehicles you’ll need.
  3. Acquire a commercial license: Drivers for your business will require a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Make sure you and your employees have adequate training for the job.
  4. Test drive vehicles: Decide whether new or used vehicles make sense for your budget.
  5. Learn your insurance options: All vehicles and drivers connected to your company need to be insured. Gauge the costs of insurance plans, and select the best one for your tanker truck company’s size.
  6. Consider payment timelines: Plan to put your delivery invoices in the right hands. Apex will pay you outright for invoices at discount rates so that you see cash flow when it’s needed most.

The Top Costs of Starting a Tanker Truck Company

All tanker truck companies face different challenges during startup. It’s hard to predict how much you’ll need to spend to get your business off the ground, but it could be at least $10,000 to begin with one or two vehicles.

The top costs of starting a tanker truck company relate to:

  • Taking CDL training courses
  • Filing for a United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number
  • Purchasing and maintaining tanker trucks
  • Insuring drivers and equipment
  • Making your business a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

You will pay taxes applicable to the state you plan to operate in, too.

Use Apex for Factoring Services in the Tanker Truck Market

Apex is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start tanker truck companies successfully. We offer freight factoring services for your efforts to make sure you can get paid and continue expanding your operations. It’s our mission to be the go-to full-service freight factoring company for your industry.

Talk to us by completing this form. We look forward to explaining your options for further assistance.