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Oversized Transportation Trucking

Sometimes, professionals need to move loads too large for traditional pickups. These could be cargo for construction projects, roadwork, railyards, or new structures. Depending on the scale of the work, oversized transportation trucking companies may step in. They ensure equipment and supplies can be moved without putting drivers at risk.

Starting a new oversized trucking business can lead to a long-lasting career. To ensure you remain profitable, choose Apex Capital for freight factoring assistance and various fuel and authority services.

What Is Oversized Transportation Trucking?

Oversized transportation trucking is also called special transport trucking. This broad term refers to hauling items beyond the legal dimensions or weight limits of traditional vehicles. Oversized freight transportation trucking companies work with decision-makers in all sorts of fields. There is an ongoing demand for drivers who can transport massive loads quickly and safely for maximum efficiency.

Some of the most common forms of freight transported via oversized trucks include water, construction equipment and attachments, pre-built houses, and electrical generators.

How to Start an Oversized Transportation Company

Your oversized transportation company will gain traction as long as you evaluate your goals, have a solid financial plan, and buy the equipment necessary to make it happen. Review the information below to get ideas for your startup:

  1. Assess local competitors: Is there room for another oversized transportation company in your local market? Look at other businesses in the community to see how you can go above and beyond them.
  2. Plan business operations: Determine how large an oversized transportation company you want to open. Try to gauge the number of employees and trucks necessary to make your vision work.
  3. Train workers: All of your drivers will need commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) to transport supplies.
  4. Obtain oversize transport permits: The permits you need to move oversize loads change based on state.
  5. Pick an insurance plan: It’s mandatory to insure all your drivers and vehicles before hitting the road.
  6. Select oversize transport vehicles: Identify the types of vehicles you’ll need to complete trips. Purchase new or used trucks based on your expectations for performance and cost.
  7. Choose a freight factoring partner: Apex will make sure your company is paid shortly after you make deliveries. Work with our freight factoring business to cover expenses and stop waiting days for payments.

The Costs of Starting an Oversized Transportation Company

Your oversized transportation company will require you to spend a bit upfront. Most entrepreneurs drop anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 to kick-start a business with one specialty vehicle on hand. This is just a rough estimate, as there will be other variable and fixed costs — like state taxes — to factor into the equation.

At a minimum, budget for these expenses in the oversized trucking industry:

  • CDL training and testing procedures
  • Interstate commerce identification number
  • Motor Carrier (MC) number
  • Specialty trucks and trailers
  • Insurance for commercial trucks and drivers
  • Filing fee for becoming a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Pick Apex Freight Factoring Services for Oversized Transportation Companies Today

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