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Apex 24/7 Factoring

Now, you can get paid anytime - even on bank holidays!

24-7 Factoring

Hauling freight is not a 9-5 job. Truckers hit the road before dawn, work weekends, and burn the midnight oil. So, getting paid should be on your schedule, not just during banking hours. 24/7 Factoring gives our clients who qualify the freedom to factor invoices at any time and get paid within minutes. 24/7 Factoring is your money when you need it.

Apex 24/7 Factoring gets you paid anytime, anywhere.

Our full-service factoring includes:

  • 24/7 Factoring any time – even on nights, weekends, and bank holidays
  • Low, competitive factoring rates
  • Fuel credit line starting at $2,500*
  • FREE, unlimited credit checks on brokers and shippers
  • FREE Mobile Factoring™ App with image capture
  • FREE Apex TCS Fuel Card to save an average of 49¢ per gallon on diesel fuel**
  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring options
  • FREE Unlimited access to our load board, NextLOAD.com
Get paid even on bank holidays

*You must sign an Apex factoring agreement and sign up for an Apex TCS Fuel card to qualify for a fuel credit line. **Average savings of 49¢ per gallon is based on actual in-network TCS client transactions for Q2 of 2023.

Ready to get paid fast for the loads you haul
any day and any time?

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