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Watch: Apex Factoring Client Satisfaction

by Apex Capital | February 23, 2015

98% of our clients agree, Apex delivers on promises

At Apex, we care about the trucking companies we serve. To make sure we’re doing our best, we ask our clients to let us know in our annual client satisfaction survey. The results are in, and our clients gave us great reviews! Watch this video to see more:

A Better Factoring Experience

The number one reason trucking companies need a factoring company is for fast and reliable cash flow. The challenges trucking companies face are endless and they can’t always wait 30 – 90 days to get paid for work they’ve already done. At Apex, we are always looking for ways to be better, so our clients can run their companies more effectively and efficiently. Apex Capital is committed to providing responsive, personal and legendary customer service to the clients we serve. We care about making a difference in the lives of our clients every day.

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