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How SmartWay® Verified Tires Can Save You Money

by Apex Capital | January 6, 2014

Save Money the “Smart” Way

How SmartWay® Verified Tires Can Save You Money

Apex Capital recently announced a new discount program with Continental, the largest supplier of SmartWay® verified tires, designed specifically for Apex Capital clients.

A SmartWay® verified tire will cost a little more than a traditional tire, but can increase fuel efficiency by as much as 5%. If drivers are running 10,000 miles a month, that’s $3,300 a year. Because fuel is the largest operating expense, SmartWay® verified tires can yield significant savings.

What is SmartWay?

In 2004, the EPA launched a voluntary program called SmartWay® verified. Designed to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint, the SmartWay® verified program supports companies that use environmentally beneficial products and technologies to create cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation options. The EPA verifies these products and technologies. If they reduce transportation emissions, encourage protection of the environment, or improve air quality by reducing fuel consumption and lessening the carbon footprint, they are approved to use the SmartWay® verified name to brand products.

Why should you invest in SmartWay® verified products, such as SmartWay® verified tires?

According to the EPA, SmartWay® verified technologies provide significant fuel savings and/or emission- reducing benefits. Currently California is the only state that requires trucks to run on SmartWay® verified tires, but it is possible other states may adopt similar regulations.

Aerodynamic Technologies: SmartWay® verified tires are designed to minimize drag and improve air flow over the entire tractor-trailer vehicle. Drivers who use SmartWay® verified tires may experience a 5% or more reduction in fuel consumption, when used in conjunction with an aerodynamic tractor. This reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, saves up to 800 gallons of fuel, and eliminates over nine metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Low Resistance Tires and Retreads: Certain tire models, like Continental’s SmartWay® verified tires, offered as part of Apex Capital’s discount program, can reduce NOx emissions and fuel use by 3% or more. Also, the use of wide-base tires can improve rolling resistance and fuel usage. The savings can be as much as 400 gallons per year for an average vehicle.
Immediately after motion, tires consume energy. They heat up and can soften in use, increasing rolling resistance. On average, rolling resistance accounts for around 35% of a truck’s fuel consumption. By using SmartWay® verified tires, drivers can reduce rolling resistance, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from their vehicle. SmartWay® verified tires offer greater longevity and reduce fuel consumption, making them cost-effective, long-term investments.

Tire Discounts

As we mentioned above, Apex Capital is proud to announce a new program with Continental and the release of a tire discount program. This program, designed specifically for Apex Capital clients, will allow Apex Capital clients to purchase Continental tires at a special, reduced rate at any authorized Continental dealer.

This means significant savings because the average truck goes through 18 tires roughly every two years. This translates to an annual tire expense of $4,000-$5,000. By enrolling in the Apex/Continental program, you can save an average of $450-$1,500 per year on the cost of tires.

To learn more about how to enroll in the Apex Capital tire program, call 1-855-385-2739




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