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Get Free Cash at GATS 2019

by Erika Nieman | July 1, 2019


Free Cash at GATS 2019

Are you ready for the 2019 Dallas Truck Show?

Can you believe it? It’s almost time for the Great American Truck Show (GATS) 2019! GATS 2019 gets underway August 22-24 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas!

GATS is one of our favorite events every year for a lot of reasons. It’s the annual Dallas truck show, so it’s just a stone’s throw away from our home in Fort Worth! GATS is also one of the biggest trucking events every year, so we get to learn, shake hands, see friends, clients, and the entire trucking community.

Apex Blue Cash Crew at GATS

We get to give away some $$$. As one of the nation’s best freight factoring companies , we know cash flow, and we know trucking. That’s why our Blue Cash Crew plans to give away over $1,000 to many lucky GATS attendees found wearing our famous t-shirts!

How to Get Free Cash at GATS

  1. Get your free tickets to GATS 2019
  2. Follow Apex on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find out when we’re giving away our Blue Cash T-Shirts at Booth 1832.
  3. When you get your shirt, put it on! Wear it at the show. Post pictures and tag us!
  4. The Blue Cash Crew will be walking around at various times during GATS picking people wearing the shirt to win cold, hard cash!

Apex Blue Cash Crew at GATS

GATS 2019 Highlights to Plan For

While the prospect of getting free cash is enticing, there are a lot of other fun and valuable things you can do at the truck show. GATS is a place you can learn about and find tools and resources to grow your career as a truck driver or trucking company owner. There will be over 500 exhibitors ready to talk to you about what they can do for you, including Apex! Come to Booth 1832 if:

Will the Apex Racecar Be At GATS?

Actually, no. The Apex Porsche® will be at a race in Virginia during the weekend of GATS 2019. But we found an exciting, interactive replacement for our booth. A lot of people ask us if they can drive the Apex Porsche? Here’s the next best thing: Come by the Apex booth for your chance to get behind the wheel of the Apex Porsche in our race simulator! Get ready to rev it up!

Don’t forget to follow and like us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us in your #ApexBlueCash shirts!




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