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From Dairy Trucking to Oversized Hauling

Client Image

Johnny & Amy Papenfuss, Owners

Papenfuss Trucking Perham, Minnesota

Papenfuss Trucking Enjoys Steady Growth

It was 2012 when husband-and-wife team Johnny and Amy Papenfuss took the plunge and formed Papenfuss Trucking. Johnny was no stranger to trucking, as he had been working under his dad’s authority since 2007. «We were both farmers, in the dairy farming business,» says Johnny Papenfuss. «Then I got out of dairy farming. We didn’t know what else to do, so we started the business.»

Six years later, Papenfuss Trucking continues to thrive. The company is a 20-truck operation, which includes company-owned trucks and owner-operators. Johnny and Amy began factoring with Apex in 2013. They work mostly with dedicated customers, forging strong relationships that grow every year. As for hauling, Papenfuss Trucking transports oil field, farm and general equipment, as well as some oversized loads such as lumber and steel.

The Value of Apex’s Back-Office Support

Like good business partners, Apex works with Johnny and Amy to promote Papenfuss Trucking’s growth. We are here to assist in their company’s day to day success. We take care of the Papenfuss back-office support, especially professional collections on factored invoices and providing a dedicated, experienced account executive to help manage their cash flow.

The relationship between Apex and Papenfuss Trucking is now five years strong, and Johnny Papenfuss looks at it from the bottom line: «Apex is a great tool to have and we will keep using you. Our life is crazy enough as it is, so you guys are so helpful. You have helped us tremendously in our growth.»

Papenfuss Trucking

«I would have to create another position or two to do all the work that Apex does for us»

Working with Account Executive Melinda Crittenden

It is Amy Papenfuss who works primarily with their Apex Account Executive, Melinda. Their communication is frequent, and the working bond they’ve formed is air tight.

«When you need her, she is always more than willing to go above and beyond. Whenever I have any questions, she is always willing to help me. And the other staff, too. You guys always have someone who answers and can help me right away or gets back to me immediately with an answer.»

Apex Account Executive Melinda Crittenden

«Melinda is very helpful,» Amy says.

Apex Credit Checks and Fuel Card to the Rescue!

Apex offers clients many tools-from the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App to the Apex Fuel Finder and several other valuable services in between. For Johnny and Amy Papenfuss, our Apex Credit Check and Fuel Card Program are daily staples of running their trucking company.

«The credit info on the brokers with all that background info that you have,» says Amy. «We try to check credit a lot on the brokers. Sometimes there is a slip up and I’ll call Melinda for help. But we always want to know if a potential customer is a reliable company to work with.»

«I’ve been really happy with the Apex Fuel Card program» says Johnny.

«We put together an incentive program every quarter for our drivers to save money on fuel. We give the driver who saves the most a $250 bonus and a percentage of the money they helped us save. All our drivers receive a percentage of the money saved on fuel each quarter.»

Winning the Apex Capital Client Calendar Cover Contest

An elegant flatbed truck with a striking bright blue cab is parked on a terracotta gravel road. Its backdrop is a gorgeous, shimmering blue lake dotted by lush greenery. Yes, it’s a Papenfuss-owned truck. And yes, it won the Apex Capital Client Calendar 2019 cover contest. Johnny and Amy are thrilled that they won. They entered the contest last year with Johnny’s personal truck but didn’t become a finalist. This time they were determined.

«We live in a county that has 1,048 lakes, Otter Tail County, which is the most lakes of any county in the United States,» says Johnny. «We drove around 2, 3 hours that day to find that perfect photo opp. We had all but given up getting anything to work.»

Papenfuss Calendar

But this makes the Papenfuss calendar photo story even more golden: «We kept driving around and finally came across that spot,» says Amy, «which is only a mile from the office.»

Words of Wisdom from Amy Papenfuss

With six years of great success in the trucking industry, we asked Amy Papenfuss if she has any words of wisdom to share. We asked her what she focused on when starting their trucking company, and what she focuses on now as their company continues to prosper.

«My advice to myself when we first started the company: Hard work, honesty and integrity,» she says. «My advice to myself now is to be a leader and not a boss. Your mindset is everything!»

Written by Mario Tarradell