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Classic Transportation Navigates Heavy Loads Across the United States

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Buddy Hall, Sole Proprietor

Classic Transportation McAlester, Oklahoma

Straight-Shooting Buddy Hall Easily Navigates Heavy Loads Across the United States

Focus and common sense, not to mention straight-shooting business sensibilities, keep Buddy Hall and his Oklahoma-based Classic Transportation trucking company on the road. Classic Transportation formed in 2009 and Buddy became an Apex factoring client that same year. He currently owns three trucks

When Classic began, Buddy specialized in hauling oil field equipment. But that market, he tells us, has since slowed down. So, while Classic still hauls some oil field equipment, the bread-and-butter loads are now marina construction materials to docks all over the United States. He’ll even take on some heavy hauls, but those are usually local.

A Savvy, Do-It-Yourself Attitude That Includes Self-Serve Truck Maintenance

In many ways, Buddy is a one-man trucking machine. Sure, due to the large and weighty nature of his loads, Buddy does have hauling help from two drivers under contract and some owner-operators who run under their own authority. He hires based on firsthand knowledge.

“I had been an owner-operator since 1998 and I had worked for other companies,” Buddy says. “Between 2005-2009, I ran under my father’s authority and I learned the value of getting your own customers. I even had a hazmat material background and I had worked the higher paying freight. But when you work for somebody, they take so much that I realized I could have my own company, get lower-paying loads, and actually make more money.”

That kind of savvy business sense spills into Buddy’s do-it-yourself attitude. This man does most of his own truck maintenance and even does some truck service work for local truckers. That’s one reason why Buddy kept Classic chugging along even during a pandemic that impacted many trucking companies.

“Some customers took more time off during the holidays because of COVID-19, but we never had to shut anything down,” he says. “We’ve been very fortunate.”

Buddy Hall with Classic Trucking in Oklahoma

Apex Factoring Is Part of Classic Transportation’s Trucking Success

Buddy gratefully credits Apex as part of Classic Transportation’s trucking success. What makes him even more appreciative is that he now has the immediate cash flow Apex provides. He knows what it’s like to not have it. Back when he was an owner-operator running under his father’s authority, he had his own customers but no factoring. Those days, he says, were rough.

“I don’t know how I would have done it without Apex. I know guys that don’t use factoring companies and they just drive until they run out of money. Then they just park and wait for the checks to come in. I’m lucky to have such a good relationship with my factoring company. I give Apex all of the credit because I don’t think I could have done this without them.”

Apex Tools and Services Help Keep Classic Transportation Hauling Happy

Buddy is always on the go. His cell phone is, essentially, his office. That’s why he’s a loud and proud cheerleader of the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App. He’s embraced technology and relishes the simplicity and affordability of getting paid faster by delivering his freight invoices quicker with just a few clicks.

“The app totally changed the world for me,” he says. “I used to have to spend $20 regularly to overnight paperwork to Apex. Now I just take a picture of it and send it off through the app. That saves me so much money and it’s so easy.”

But it’s not just the app, Buddy uses the Apex TCS Fuel Card for huge diesel discounts at in-network locations across the country and he’s taken full advantage of blynk®, the Apex Capital digital payment system. Here’s what he has to say about both:

On the Apex TCS Fuel Card:

“In the beginning, I was able to give drivers a card and I prepaid for it. A couple of years ago, Apex was advancing me the fuel money and I would just pay it back on a day we agreed on. The Apex Fuel Card has bigger discounts than some out there. I’m happy. I have no issues with the Apex Fuel Card.”

On blynk®:

“Funds go directly into my debit card, which is great because I get it immediately. It’s almost instant. It’s instant money and cheaper for me.”

Working with Account Executive Wendi Wills: It’s Like Talking to a Friend

Buddy has spent 11 years working with Apex Account Executive Wendi Wills. Their relationship is akin to a friendly business partnership striving toward a shared goal. At Apex, all our clients have dedicated account executives that help manage their accounts, develop a relationship with the client, offer advice as needed, and troubleshoot challenges or potential risks.

“I have never met her, but when I talk to her it’s like I’m talking to a friend,” Buddy says. “I have a really good relationship with her. Wendi is never afraid to tell me when things are not how they should be and how things need to be. That’s the way good business works.”

Wendi Wills | Apex Capital Senior Account Executive


“I have never met her, but when I talk to her it’s like I’m talking to a friend,”


Practical, Focused Advice for Future Trucking Company Owners

Buddy Hall knows a thing or two about the way good business works. When asked what advice he would give someone who wants to start a trucking company, he didn’t even have to think about it. His answer was typically focused, straight-shooting, and customer-friendly.

“You have to find the customers,” he says. “You have to provide a service that is specialized. Make sure you can deliver that specialized service. When you get that customer, you have to put them first. If I’m not taking care of them, then somebody else will and I’m out of a customer. You also need to have a lot of your own funds for cash flow or you need to find yourself a factoring company. With Apex, it’s a partnership and it’s exactly that way with my customers. We are in this together. If I’m making money, they are making money. We have to work together.”

Written by Mario Tarradell