COVID-19: Truckers Keep The Trucking Industry Going | Video

The Trucking Industry Isn’t Stopping for COVID-19 and Neither is Apex Capital

The Trucking Industry Isn’t Stopping for COVID-19 and Neither is Apex Capital

Truckers are our lifeline. All of us at Apex have said that many times before. But right now, it’s especially true. That’s because America is in the middle of a crisis that crosses state lines and societal boundaries. So right now, as America copes with the COVID-19 emergency, truckers are also our heroes.

Truckers are the men and women that deliver the goods no matter what. They roll down the highway with loads of necessities for everyday life regardless of the weather, the traffic, and yes, the national health crisis. They do what they do so that we can be comfortable at home.

But what about their lives? How are truckers coping during this pandemic? They also have families and neighborhoods. They also have homes and safe havens. So many of us are working from home during the coronavirus outbreak to stay out of harm’s way. At Apex, we’re making sure our truckers are fueled and funded. We’re doing all that we can do to keep their cash flowing, their tanks full, and their haul secure.

We keep thinking about the truckers who can’t work from home. They deserve some of the spotlight. So, we wanted to extend some love and warmth their way.

Truckers might be on the road more. They might be on the road less. They might be behind a computer making sure other truckers are getting to their destinations safely. All of them are part of what makes America great. Because truckers are our lifeline. They also happen to be our heroes.

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