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Trucking Company Success for Ramo Carriers

Trucking Company Success for Ramo Carriers

Apex Capital took a trip to the Texas border. Laredo, to be exact. We spent some time with our client Ramo Carriers. I am Mario Tarradell with Apex and I interviewed Omar Gonzalez of Ramo Carriers, Huriel Saldivar and Javier Andrade, both with Apex Capital.

Our conversation took place at the Ramo Carriers headquarters, an apartment-turned-office. Ramo Carriers was formed in 2011, and began factoring with Apex in 2012. The company hauls a little bit of everything, including rolls of paper, machinery, and medical supplies.

A bit more history on Ramo Carriers: Omar was the general manager at a trucking company about 2009. There was a fence surrounding the company offices in need of repair. The fence needed to be fixed so the company could pass certification.

That fence would become the inspiration for Omar’s vision when he formed Ramo Carriers. He wanted a trucking company in top shape, from the trucks to the fence, because a company in top shape delivers excellent customer service. Ramo Carriers, like Apex Capital, knows that without world class customer service, you have nothing.

Like anything else, it has a beginning. It started actually from one of the living rooms that we have and my son’s bedroom and it started growing and getting a little bit bigger and I needed more space. I went to my garage and I turned that garage into an office and now we’re here at an apartment. This happened from 2009 all the way to the present which is 2018. I’m growing out of this apartment as we speak.

I came connected with Apex through a friend. He recommended a factoring company and he mentioned Apex, that is was a professional company and it provided the services that I needed at the time when I was growing. I started investigating more about it and basically it evolved from there.

I started working with Mr. Huriel. We as a company provide a service and we have to give very good customer service to our clienteles that we have. We have to deliver on time, we have to pick up on time, we have to turn in goods and he provided that service in return as the attention that I needed for my company to grow. To provide me with the necessities of funds, basically more of a one to one basis that we have. He’s kind of like a family member of Ramo Carriers, I’m also a family member of Apex. It’s something very mutual. And that is what I call my foundation, my financial foundation that I have.

They have a system to this point. Their system works great for Ramo Carriers. I can turn back and go into their system and I can see what I’ve done for the past four or five or six years. Everything is stored in there. They are very professional in their system, in their customer service, in their management. The attention is well above and beyond what I have seen from other companies. You need a factoring company. I would choose Apex anytime anywhere compared to other companies.

When I first spoke to Omar, he had goals. He told me what he wanted to do, where he was at and I thought to myself; okay in order to help him get there, I need to get involved in his company. I’m not going to just process this invoice, I’m going to get to know him. I need to know what he’s working with and I’m going to use everything that is available to me to help him reach those goals. You know, speaking everything single day whether it is about his work or what’s going on in his life. It all ties in together because at the end of the day, we’re not going to treat our clients as a number. We need to look at them as a business partner because we’re a team.

No it’s just great to see that relationship, how it builds on a day to day basis and over the years. Huriel really cares about his customers, he really looks to understand their businesses. Mr Omar came over a year ago to our office to visit and tell us what his plan is for the future and then that way we understand what he is trying to do, what his goals are and then we try to look at what do we have available that we can help him to meet those goals that he has. And Huriel has done a great job of understanding that and trying to help Omar reach all his dreams and goals that he has for himself and his family.

Apex is in the same mentality that I am. That’s what makes them different than the competitors out there; customer service. Customer service will make you shine or will make you fail but if you have a very good positive attitude towards giving that customer service, that’s what makes a company different, that’s why people go after you, they ask for your services. That’s how I was told about Apex and I’m still with Apex to this point, I don’t plan to change.

Ramo Carriers and Apex Capital thank you for watching. We hope you’ll join us again soon. Goodbye for now, Laredo.