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How to Post a Load on

How to Post a Load on

NextLOAD makes it faster and easier to post loads. Simply login or create a free account on

Go to the top navigation bar and click ‘Post Load’.

Fill out your pickup and drop-off location, the dates, the length, equipment types, and any rate information you might have.

You can also add additional information regarding the size of the load and any extra notes you have.

Click ‘Add Row’ to post another load.

Once you are done posting your loads, click ‘Post Loads’ to submit. A window will pop up- if you would like to post more loads, click ‘Post more’. If you would like to view a list of your posted loads, click ‘Load manager’.

You can also access the Load Manager screen by clicking ‘Load Manager’ on the top navigation bar.

In Load Manager, you can remove expired loads by clicking the red x to the right of each load. You can also see how many people have viewed your load.

Posting loads has never been easier with, a product of Apex.

Post loads fast, easy, and completely free on NextLOAD. Get started today with a free account.