How a Fuel Card for Trucking Companies Works | VIDEO

How a Fuel Card Works

How a Fuel Card Works

Fuel and trucking go hand in hand. If you’re hauling freight, you’re buying diesel fuel – and probably a lot of it. You have several options to pay for fuel, but there is only one way to save thousands of dollars off the diesel cash price each year — A Fuel Card!

How a Fuel Card Works

Since you’re watching this video, you’re probably wondering how a fuel card works … right? Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

A fuel card works like a debit, credit or gas card. Meaning, that when you’re in the truck stop diesel lane at the pump, you swipe the card – just like you would with a credit or debit card -, follow the directions on the pump, fuel up and then take your receipt. The difference is you’ll save quite a bit off the cash price when you use a fuel card instead.

Of course, you can also use your fuel card to pay at the truck stop’s fuel desk to receive the same great discounts.

Why Do I Get a Better Price With A Fuel Card?

The reason you can get a better price on diesel fuel with a fuel card is because the fuel card providers have negotiated diesel fuel savings with a variety of truck stops to comprise, what they call “a network”, for their fuel card. So basically, a fuel card provider’s network, includes all of the truck stops that have agreed to offer diesel fuel discounts to its fuel card users.

What are some other advantages of using a fuel card?

Although fuel discounts are the biggest advantage of using a fuel card, there are several other benefits for truck drivers, owner operators and fleets. For example …

A fuel card is really easy to use. You can simply swipe it at the pump like a credit card … but, unlike a credit card, you get the advantage of saving a bunch of money.

If you, or your drivers, are currently taking personal risks by carrying cash to pay for fuel – using a fuel card is a much safer option.

If you own a trucking company or manage a fleet, you can minimize fraud and increase security by maintaining control of your company’s fuel card purchases. You decide who can use your card, what can be purchased, where it can be used and how much can be spent.

Using a fuel card can help simplify quarterly IFTA tax preparation. Since all of your transactions are recorded by the fuel card provider, you gain easy access to your fuel transaction history and information.

Are you ready to get a fuel card?

The Apex TCS Fuel card offers everything we just mentioned. Plus, there are no set up fees, no membership fees, no activation fees and no annual fees. We pass 100% of our negotiated fuel discounts back to you so you will see huge savings at the pump.

At the time of this recording, our clients are saving an average of 49 cents per gallon on diesel fuel. And, they pay $0 transaction fees on diesel fuel purchases at more than 1,000 in-network locations nationwide.

Saving money on fuel with a fuel card is a huge benefit for trucking companies, and so is getting paid faster to more efficiently manage your cash flow. Apex has been helping thousands of trucking companies get paid faster for 25 years and we can help you, too. We can buy your freight bills so you can get paid in as little as a few minutes.

Many of our factoring clients have saved so much on fuel, that their savings often offset their factoring fee. it’s almost like they’re factoring for free.

There are many benefits of being an Apex factoring and fuel card client.

  • You can get a fuel credit line starting at $2,500
  • There are no long-term contracts
  • There are no monthly minimum volume fees
  • You can run unlimited, free credit checks on brokers and shippers
  • You gain access to our Mobile Factoring app to manage your factoring account and you can use the fuel finder to see the best discounts along any route.

Apex factoring plus the Apex TCS fuel card is just a win win!

To learn more about factoring and fuel card savings visit our website or give us a call at 855-211-0929. We look forward to hearing from you!