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A Guide to Trucker Lingo

A Guide to Trucker Lingo

If you’ve ever watched Smokey and the Bandit or listened to a CB radio then you know that truckers have their own way of speaking. We’re going to decode some trucking lingo so you’ll be road-ready.

All locked up, this is when a weigh station is closed. A weigh station is also called a chicken coop. Alligator, that means that there’s a blown tire in the road. Bear this is gonna refer to a police officer. Big slab or big road this means the interstate or the highway. A black eye, that means that your headlight is out. Double nickel, that means you’re driving 55 miles per hour. Hey, do you got your ears on? This is something that you ask to see if someone is listening. Diesel fuel well, it’s also called go-go juice. Reefer this means that there is a refrigerated van trailer. Salt shaker, this is a truck that salts the highways. A flatbed trailer also is referred to as a skateboard. Toothpicks, well that means a load of lumber. 10-4 this is what you say when the message is received. This is just another way of saying okay. Yard sticks, these are references to mile markers. Very strong coffee means hundred-mile coffee, it’s going to last you 100 miles. A travel agent, well that’s just what we call a dispatcher.

And that’s our list! There’s lots of trucking lingo out there but these are some of the more popular ones. Comment down below letting us know which one is your favorite or if we left any out!

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