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Grow Your Trucking Company

Grow Your Trucking Company

GCM Transport became an Apex client in 2010. Through hard work, dedication, and a reliable cash flow solution, the company has grown from one driver, running one 10-year-old truck to 18 employees, running 14 trucks ̶ including 2014 and 2015 models.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the companies’ owners, Edwin Maldonado and Vanezza Castro, to discuss how factoring with Apex has helped them build their thriving transportation business.

How has Apex Capital Factoring helped your business?

A key element to our success is the reliable cash flow solution that Apex provides. Apex also gives us sound business and financial advice, and we can easily login to our online account management portal to run credit checks, create invoices, store important documents and run reports.

How does Apex help with cash flow?

Factoring our freight bills is an important part of our business. Reliable cash flow has helped us efficiently manage our finances to reinvest in our business by adding newer trucks and more drivers.

Do you use the Apex Account Management Portal (AMP) website?

We use the website a lot. We like that we can store important documents online to access anytime we need them, and we can see everything in real-time. It really helps us to stay on top of our account.

Do you consider Apex a business partner?

We do! We trust Apex. Our account executive is always available when we need advice and we feel very comfortable with everyone at the company. We would recommend Apex to any company that is looking for a cash flow solution, or wants to grow their business.