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Grow Your Trucking Fleet: Advice from PDP Trucking an Apex Client

Grow Your Trucking Fleet: Advice from PDP Trucking an Apex Client

Hello everybody and welcome to Cedar Hill Texas, we are at the offices of PDP Trucking. I am Mario with Apex Capital and I am joined by Peter with PDP trucking and Brenda also with Apex Capital. So, I know that PDP has been an Apex factoring client for 10 years that’s a long time awesome.

So, tell us what made you decide to factor what made you decide to go and down the factoring road from the very beginning in 2009?

Yes, so when we moved here to Texas and we were pretty much switching from local to over the road I knew that we need to have something for cash flow purposes and actually Apex was recommended to me by a friend who was also using them at that time.

That’s awesome! Great so so tell me a little bit about your relationship with Apex you’ve been you’ve been with Apex for 10 years so tell me a little bit about your
relationship with the company itself.

Yeah, so in 10 years a lot has happened. I bet.

Yes and in there there’s ups and downs but one specific story that could answer that is in 2013 I started to we started to get a fleet manager with whole bunch of drivers and it’s something that I really did not want to get into with that much drive control and such and I came to Apex office and Brenda was there and they were just trying they were able to listen and really debunk the situation and from that I was able to completely switch to the owner/operator self dispatch like we have right now and yeah so it’s personal it’s it’s definitely a lot has come from it.

And it sounds like when you went to Apex it really helped you and your company get out of that the struggling mode that you were in. Yes. That’s awesome. Alright so tell us a little bit about working with Brenda tell us how you like working with Brenda?

Yes, well with Brenda it’s amazing because I mean she’s awesome. I mean she’s as, I mentioned, there was hard times good times but what I love it is that she’s willing to listen. Every time doesn’t matter how hard the topic is you know she could tell me directly to the point and without all the beating around the bush type. Which I like and I asked her to do that. So, that’s that’s great yes but she’s been able to help me to just just listen and be somebody that I could call up and talk to available all the time.

That’s wonderful, that’s wonderful all right Brenda, so you’ve been with PDP their Account Executive for 10 years so tell us tell us how it is working with PDP? Working with Peter how has that experience been for you?

It’s been great, like he said there have been some ups and downs in the road and started off small. We had bunch of serious conversations back then and then kind of off the beaten path a little bit and then we had more serious conversations. He’s smart, he’s got his act together, and he knows what he’s doing. He’s worked with Apex through a lot of different systems and I think he’s got it going on.

That is awesome, speaking of systems so let’s talk a little bit about PDP and the Apex services that they use. So, I know that you guys use the Apex TCS fuel card so tell me a little bit about that.

Yes, TCS Fuel Card when we heard about it in the very beginning we were one of the first ones actually that switch to it. I mean, it gives discounts and we actually forward all those discounts to the owner-operators. It’s very simple to use, very user friendly, yeah with the fuel finder and all of those other it’s amazing yeah.

That is wonderful, okay so I know you use a lot of other stuff that Apex has to offer as far as services are concerned. Tell me a little bit about them.

Yes, certainly so our office uses other things like online invoicing, it uses the credit check, credit checks yes that’s very useful. Yes we have the the mobile app yeah the mobile app and AMP and yes the AMP website is integrated into PDP website. Awesome yes and Brenda was also able to help us out with connecting the right people.

Yes, what about the mobile app?

It’s very helpful because all of our I would say majority or all of our owner operators are you used to only phone mostly they do everything from the phone.

So, you got to be able to have all access that you need to do from the phone.

So, yes perfect perfect.

All right so we’re gonna wrap this up with the most important question. I’m gonna ask Peter what advice would you give somebody who wants to start trucking company.

Yes, so hmm I’ll just be very straight forward trucking you can make good money. There’s a lot of good about trucking industry and I’ve been in it for 14 years I love it. However, if you are lazy or not wanting to do you know the hard work I would just strongly recommend you do not even try and go do something else. But if you are persistent, if you’re a hard worker, and if you’re smart and you know have the never give up attitude yes you can make some good money in trucking.

Perfect, well thank you very much Peter thank you very much Brenda and we’re gonna say goodbye from PDP trucking and Cedar Hill Texas.

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