VIDEO | GCM Transport Shows How to Grow Your Trucking Company

How to Grow Your Trucking Company

How to Grow Your Trucking Company

Video Transcript:

America was founded on the belief that all people – no matter their origin, race, gender or age – are created equal with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

At Apex we support the men and women in the trucking industry who believe the American Dream is within their reach. We are proud to be a reliable business partner to our clients, as we help their business grow.

GCM Chooses Apex Factoring

Edwin Maldonado and Vanezza Castro, owners of GCM Transport in Richardson, TX became Apex clients in 2010. Despite the challenge of not speaking English, Edwin believed that the American Dream was within his reach.

Through hard work, dedication and a reliable cash flow solution from Apex, Edwin grew his company from being an owner-operator, running one truck, to having 18 employees who run 14 trucks, several of which are new models.

In 2010, after he picked up his first check from Apex for $8,000, Edwin realized that Apex was the solution to his company’s expansion. “It’s just going up from here,” he thought. Edwin believed that with Apex as his business partner, the business would continue to grow.

Edwin and Vanezza say the reliable cash flow Apex offers is a key element to GCM’s success. The reliable cash flow has helped GCM Transport manage their finances and reinvest in their business by adding newer trucks and more drivers.

Edwin and Vanezza say the sound business and financial advice of their account executive, Javier, over the years has been very important to GCM Transport’s success and growth, as has the Apex Account Management Portal.

Vanezza likes she can store all GCM Transports important documents online in their Account Management Portal, also called AMP, and that she can see their account in real-time, run free credit checks, create invoices and run reports.

GCM Transport considers Apex a business partner. They trust Apex and they have built a strong relationship with the company and their account executive. They say they would recommend Apex to any trucking company looking for a fast and reliable cash flow solution to grow their business.

Apex Can Help You Grow Your Trucking Company

Apex Capital wants to help you grow your business like GCM Transport. Apex is a full-service factoring company, in addition to cash advances on accounts receivable, Apex provides other services to help you run your trucking business more efficiently.

At Apex, we offer better options, better solution and better service. The American Dream is within your reach.

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