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blynk® The Fastest Way to Get Paid!

Now you can get paid even faster with our new blynk® digital payment system. When you factor your trucking company’s freight bills with Apex, you can get paid in minutes with speed, ease, and security after your freight invoices are processed.

What is blynk®?

Our blynk® payment service is a proprietary digital payment system that allows Apex Capital Corp to pay their factoring clients faster than ever. Now, blynk® brings speed, ease, and safety to managing your trucking company’s cash flow. No more waiting hours or days for money to show up in your bank. With blynk®, funds appear in your account within minutes.

Get Paid Today!

Receiving payment with blynk® is faster and easier for Apex factoring clients:

  • Receive payment in minutes after freight invoices are processed
  • Use blynk® to receive payment through Zelle®, bank debit card, or DDA transfer
  • No incoming wire fees at most banks
  • Money goes right into your bank account
  • Funds available for immediate withdrawal
  • blynk® is supported by most major financial institutions

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