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From June 3-5, the FMCSA and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and other safety organizations in Canada and Mexico, will begin the International Roadcheck, CVSA’s annual safety blitz. Apex Capital wants to make sure trucking companies and drivers are aware of these…
May 28, 2014
In late January, the FMCSA published a new rule “Patterns of Safety Violations by Motor Carrier Management” taking effect on February 21, 2014, which will give the FMCSA the ability to suspend or revoke operating authority of for-hire motor carriers…
February 10, 2014
Apex Encourages Motor Carriers to be Attentive to CSA Scores While CSA Debate Continues Apex Capital supports the Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation (ASECTT). ASECTT is a group of shippers, carriers, brokers and allied industry participants calling…
February 20, 2013
Although it’s wise to avoid getting into your car or truck altogether in truly inclement weather, certain precautions can help prevent accidents and injuries when you must drive during heavy rain or snow, storms and other dangerous conditions. From preparing…
January 31, 2013
After 2 years of irrelevant and inaccurate scoring models impacting carrier’s ability to haul freight, Congress has requested an audit of FMCSA driver CSA scores by the Inspector General. The House of Representatives Highways and Transit Subcommittee recently requested that…
November 28, 2012
Operation Safe Driver could potentially save thousands of lives through a raised awareness about safety on the road. The campaign is geared to educate the public about on-the-road safety, safer teen driving and issues related to commercial vehicles. What is Operation…
October 11, 2012
Wes Read
Trucking company financial protection is just as important as scoring high rates per mile every time you haul a load. Building business credit and researching potential customers are also key ingredients to staying successful. Wes Read, Chief Credit Officer for Apex Capital, brings 29 years of credit management experience. He understands how crucial cash flow, cash reserves, credit reporting, building better credit, and staying financially protected are to taking your trucking company from surviving to thriving. He has invaluable advice along with suggestions on tools and research to boost your business. This blog is the ninth in a series with Apex Experts sharing their industry knowledge.
December 19, 2022
Freight Fraud
The more we exchange money electronically, whether it be through purchasing goods or conducting business with associates, the more vulnerable we all are to fraud. It is no different for freight carriers, especially small to medium sized trucking companies and owner-operators. According to FreightWaves, freight fraud costs the industry more than $100 million each year. Carriers are the first line of defense because by the time load paperwork reaches the factoring company, that carrier may already have been the victim of fraud. We put together a list of red flag signs of freight fraud and we highlighted tools and services we have at Apex Capital to help arm carriers before they haul a load.
November 30, 2022
The trucking industry provides essential services for consumers and companies around the world. As a crucial part of manufacturing and transportation, trucks transport large quantities of raw materials and finished products across long distances. With over 70% of American goods…
September 9, 2022
Chris Courts
Fuel cards are great, but they should do more for your trucking company than just provide a few cents off each gallon of diesel. The TCS Fuel Card offers clients – from large fleets to independent owner-operators – a complete fuel management system. Chris Courts, President and Managing Director for TCS Fuel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Capital, brings 25-plus years of experience and expertise in the fuel card industry. He knows all you need to know about fees, fraud, and discounts at the pump. Now he’s sharing that fuel card wisdom with you. This blog is the fifth in a series with Apex Experts sharing their industry knowledge.
July 12, 2022