Apex Capital personnel open their hearts, homes and wallets to Humane Society of North Texas

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April was Humane Society month at Apex. Apexers dedicated the month to animals, raising over $1,250 for the Humane Society of North Texas.

Apex employees organized fundraising efforts during the month of April to support the Humane Society. Fundraisers included a game of guess the monthly volume, flip flop Fridays, salad bar Wednesdays and supplies donations. Three trips were made to the local animal shelter to tour the facility, deliver donations and spend some quality play time with man’s best friends.

Apexers, who adopt from the Humane Society on a regular basis, rallied to support the cause with cash contributions of $1,250 and a large donation of food and supplies.

When asked about Apex’s involvement, David Baker, the president of Apex got to talking about his dog. “I think you get the best dogs from the Humane Society. I’ve been getting them there for 30 years! My dog, Bruno…he’s been called a bull mastiff, a wolf even. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ This dog…not only is he man’s best friend but he is a conversation starter. A Humane Society special.”

Cats and dogs are not the only beneficiaries of the Humane Society. Regularly, the Fort Worth shelter has snakes, rabbits and horses. Recently they had a black bear and a Bengal tiger.

The Humane Society of North Texas is dedicated to providing protection for animals in need, defending animals from cruelty, exploitation and neglect. The HSNT plays a vital role in North Texas adoption, investigation, animal surrender and rescue situations and leads a spay and neuter program.Good Samaritans can support the Humane Society by adopting, donating time, money and supplies as well as properly caring for their own pets.

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