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Dedication, Commitment to Drivers and Customers

Moon Star Express in Belleville, Michigan

Moon Star Express Hauls Strong and Proud

Renee Osaer is always busy. She will tell you that in so many words, no-nonsense. As the Safety Director of Moon Star Express LLC, Renee works with 102 drivers steering 106 trucks. She doesn’t have time for small talk. But clearly, she loves her work. Her department of two full-time employees handles “all the audits, driver of the month, holiday parties, truck driver appreciation week, and fuel incentive programs,” she says. Renee is happy to rattle off the Moon Star Express history: The company was formed in 2008 by Sukhbinder S. Narwal with two trucks; he drove one of them. In a year’s time they had five trucks, then another 20 trucks. Growth came quickly. Moon Star Express now has its own maintenance garage where they service all their trucks in-house. In total, the office staff consists of 20 employees.

Automotive Parts and Apex

The Moon Star Express specialty is hauling automotive parts. While Renee tells us that the company does diversify their loads a little bit here and there, automotive parts is the gist of the livelihood. Keeping their customers happy is a top priority, and they have a 99.6% satisfaction rating. Renee says Moon Star customers regularly rate the trucking company’s on-time performance, safety standards, and communication. Moon Star became Apex factoring clients in 2010. It’s a perfect match-Moon Star and Apex both care about excellent customer service, taking care of employees, staying competitive in the market, and conducting business with honesty and integrity.

Moon Star Express

The Apex Relationship: A Well-Oiled Trucking Machine

The relationship between Moon Star Express and Apex is seamless. You could even say that relationship is a well-oiled trucking machine. Pun intended. “Everything is going great,” says Renee.

“Whenever I need to use the fuel card or talk to somebody we always get a courteous person to talk to. It’s a great asset for trucking companies. We have no issues at all, no problems. You can always reach a person, they help you, no waiting. They get to the problem and fix it. That’s if there even is a problem.”

Working with Apex Account Executive Melinda Crittenden-“An Amazing Person”

Moon Star Express Accounting Analyst Asmita Aduhodla communicates regularly with Melinda Crittenden. She has high praise about her Apex Account Executive: “Starting with a million-dollar smile, Melinda is an amazing person,” Asmita says. “Not sure how she manages to make sure each of us is being noticed, acknowledged, and appreciated. She is the best Account Executive I have ever worked with. She is fun loving and full of energy.”

Even Renee, whose interaction with Melinda is less frequent, offer kudos: “I don’t have a whole lot of experience with her because things are never wrong,” she says. “But every time I contact her when I need something she is wonderful. It goes well, it gets set up, it gets done. You don’t have to call back. I always have to look up her number, because since there is never a problem I don’t have her number memorized.”

Moon Star Express

Apex Fuel Card Discounts Are a Big Deal!

One Apex service near and dear to Renee’s heart is the fuel card. Renee is extra diligent about checking on fuel discounts with the Apex Fuel Card and the Fuel Finder, which allows clients to quickly scope out huge fuel savings. She hops on her trusty desktop computer to verify fuel prices, discounts, and in-network locations.

“It is a big deal for me to check the fuel prices and make sure we are always getting the fuel discounts,” she says. “Even though we usually have the same runs, I still check fuel prices. Once when we had an unusual run I called to check on fuel prices.”

Moon Star Express Appreciates Their Drivers

Renee is also dedicated to the commitment Moon Star Express shows its drivers. When it came time for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the annual celebration of those reliable men and women behind big rig wheels, Renee was instrumental in planning an entire week of activities for their drivers. This is the first time Moon Star has created a week-long series of events to thank their drivers for their hard work and long hours. So, from September 9-15, 2018 Moon Star Express drivers were treated to: A health day with a nurse, first aid kits; a simulator trailer set up to show faux accidents and safety videos for truckers to analyze why an accident happens; a day of prizes, carnival games, and raffles; conversations about insurance with owner-operators and company drivers; and a vehicle maintenance day explaining DOT regulations. “Every day we fed them, entertained them, and we educated them,” she says. “We gave out prizes. We wanted to show them how special Moon Star Express truck drivers are.”

Written by Mario Tarradell

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