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Why Apex Capital Meets Clients

by Apex Capital | July 12, 2012

Why Apex Capital Meets Clients

In order to touch base with our factoring clients and further understand their needs, Apex employees frequently schedule visits with clients to see them at their office or meet for coffee. Apexers have visited trucking companies all over the country arranging trips in Texas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Apex staff is currently planning trips to visit clients in New Jersey, Missouri, and Illinois and are continually making arrangements for future dates.

Why We Visit

We believe in people’s intentions and care about our clients, business partners, and each other.”  

We visit our clients’ offices because that’s where the action is. Their work environment is a strong indicator of how they are doing and what is important to them. By understanding a client’s driving factors and priorities, we can communicate more effectively to meet their needs. By connecting in person, future phone and email interactions may be more cordial and more productive as well.

Frequently, phone conversations are completed with coworkers in the background while we’re multitasking on the computer to fulfill clients request before the phone call is over. Often, we are so focused on fulfilling the immediate request we might not get to filter the conversation to hear the most vital information a client can share; what’s important to them. Face to face, we can depart from immediate decision making and action items and hear our clients more fully than we do over the telephone or in an email.

Improving Our Service

We believe that to be successful, we must continuously strive for improvement in every aspect of our business.”

The better we know our clients, the easier it is to accommodate their needs and develop new innovative solutions. We need to know what is not being said or what is not happening for them for which we could provide a solution. Each of the trucking companies we work with is unique and in a face to face meeting we can better assess how we are serving them and we can improve. We go to great lengths to deliver necessary and timely services and information, yet with proactive communication there may be improvements to current services and new solutions to issues they struggle with that we didn’t know existed.

Factoring clients have the same feelings, fears and uncertainties about the future as the rest of us; feelings often aggravated by the current economic climate. In periods of economic instability, clients seek reassurance. Fueled by talk of a double-dip recession and market instability, it is imperative that we increase the frequency and quality of communication and response to their needs.

Apex Cares

Clients work with a variety of Apex departments on a regular basis and invest a huge amount of trust in Apex. It’s important that they know who they have on their side. By taking a mixture of employees on these trips we want clients to know that we are listening to them and have their best interests at heart.

It is in the message delivered, not in the money we send, but in the simple act of being in touch with the client to show them we care. We want to see and hear our clients. We want to know what they think and what they are doing and how we can help them do it more efficiently. The ability to gauge a client’s needs and relationship with us is invaluable which is why we go to great lengths to meet our clients.


If you want to become one of our factoring clients, give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.





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