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Use Apex Fuel Finder to Locate the Lowest Diesel Prices

by Apex Capital | July 25, 2012

Apex Fuel Finder: Find the Lowest Diesel Prices

How do you find the best fuel prices? Who has the lowest fuel price? Take the guess work out of your fuel stops by utilizing Apex Fuel Finder as your fuel price locator.

You can save hundreds of dollars per truck a month by taking advantage of fuel discounts. When shopping for fuel discounts, choose a program that offers deep discounts at the pump and a fuel price finder that provides the convenience and features you need to map your route.

The Apex Fuel Program offers the most competitive discounts on fuel every day and convenient online tools such as, Apex’s Fuel Finder, enable carriers to easily locate the best net daily fuel price in their area and on each driver’s route. Clients manage card balances and set purchase limits online.

The Apex Fuel Program is recognized as one of the best discount fuel programs for trucking companies. The Apex Fuel Card is accepted at thousands of locations nationwide and many locations in Canada. Significant discounts are available at major truck stop chains including, AmbestSpeedway, TA and Petro, Sapp BrosRoady’s truck stops, and several thousand independent locations.

Take Control of Fuel Costs

• Fuel credit lines available upon approval
• Among the lowest transaction fees in the industry
• Fuel discounts and rebates
• Fuel management tools allow flexibility
• Set daily purchase limits
• Tire and service discounts at select TA and Petro locations

The Apex Fuel Program and Fuel Finder

Diesel fuel discounts mapped along your route

• 24/7 access to customer service, account administration and reporting
• Funds transferred to fuel cards within an hour
• Fuel Finder available on the Apex Mobile Factoring™ app for factoring clients
• Daily reports detailing activity on each fuel card
• Tailored to your needs – you determine availability of daily cash, oil, additives, repairs, tires, scales, etc. per driver or truck
• Adjust card’s parameters at any time whether as an override or on a permanent basis

Apex clients save big by using The Apex Fuel Card and Fuel Finder. Apex continually develops and maintains online tools for you to easily manage fuel costs and find the most up to date fuel discounts and truck stops on your route. The Apex Fuel Program will save you money and the Fuel Finder will save you time, guaranteed.

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