Trucking Industry News Update 5/22/17

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Stuck in Traffic Costly for the Trucking Industry Trucking Industry News Update

Time is money, especially for the trucking industry. In 2015, congestion on our national highway system cost the trucking industry $63.4 billion, according to just-released findings by the American Transportation Research Institute. That’s 996 million hours in delays, the equivalent of more than 300,000 truck drivers sitting still for a year. Check out the analysis on Overdrive Magazine.

Are You in a Top 10 Congested State?

Speaking of that highway congestion that’s costing the trucking industry billions in idle time, where does your state stand in the 2015 list of most congested areas? Most of the congestion lies in metropolitan areas, which makes sense since they are usually heavily populated. Look at the Top 10 rankings on Transport Topics, where the three most congested states didn’t budge an inch from 2014.

Turns Out ELDs May Have Zero Impact on Freight Rates

According to an analysis by Barton Logistics, a non-asset transportation company in Bandera, Texas, the soon-to-be-mandated electronic logging devices may have little to no impact on trucking industry freight rates. This is contrary to earlier research that detailed the significant effect ELDs would have on freight rates. CCJ Daily Report has the story.

Truck Parking Issues Go Hand-to-Wheel with Traffic Congestion

If truckers can’t find a parking space for their rig, they can’t get in out of the congested highway. That means they sit in traffic without a place to park and rest. This byproduct of the highway congestion problem, which is certainly connected, is yet another branch of the American Transportation Research Institute report on yearly congestion by state. FleetOwner has the details.

Super Rigs Provide Show-Stopping Stares for the Trucking Aficionado

Eye-popping cool easily describe the array of decked-out trucks that have been on display at the 2017 Shell Rotella SuperRigs truck show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The annual contest attracts a large and in-charge set of trucks that are truly photogenic. Overdrive Magazine recently published some amazing pics that need to be seen. Enjoy!

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