Trucking Industry News Update 12/4/17

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Indiana Attorney General Files Request to Delay ELD Deadline

Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill Jr. filed a request with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) asking for a delay to the December 18, 2017 ELD compliance deadline, says Overdrive Magazine, CCJ Daily Report and American Trucker. At the top of Hill’s issues with the mandate is the FMCSA’s ELD registry, which consists of manufacturer self-certified devices.

Kids Express Love and Support for Their Truck Driver Parents

What kids think about their trucker parents became the focus question of an essay contest held by Acuity Insurance to commemorate Truck Driver Appreciation Week this past September. The responses were heartwarming stories, reports, that became a sweet video showing the kids reading their essays.

FMCSA Wants to Know Length of Truck Driver Commutes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) wants to know how long it takes you to drive to get to your driving job. To that end, the FMCSA plans to survey commercial truck and bus drivers about their commuting schedules, thoughts and practices. Is your commute too excessive by FMCSA standards? Read the Truckers News story and find out.

Technology Can Help Truckers Earn More Fuel Per Gallon

In this latest installment of the CCJ Daily Report Tech Toolbox, the topic of technology and miles-per-gallon gets the full-fledged exploration, from automated transmissions and cruise control to yes, ELDs. The idea here is fuel economy, specifically saving truck drivers valuable dollars on fuel, which can take up to 40 percent of a trucking company’s operating budget.

‘Winterize’ Your Truck for Maximum Snowy Weather Protection

There are basic checking points to keep your truck maintained for the winter, or “winterized.” For instance, install fresh wiper blades, have spare fluids on hand, make an emergency kit, and be prepared to prevent your fuel from freezing. Experience truck driver Tom Kyrk wrote a comprehensive report for American Trucker that keeps your rig safe during snowy weather.

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