Trucking Industry News Update 12/1/16

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Trump Selects Elaine Chao to Lead DOTApex Trucking News Update

President-elect Donald Trump chose former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao to run the Department of Transportation. Read more from Transport Topics and American Trucker.

Otto Makes Another Autonomous Truck Run

A semi-autonomous truck operated by Otto made another run, traveling 35 miles in daytime traffic on U.S. Route 33 in Ohio. The state announced a $15 million investment in a Smart Mobility Corridor, which will test autonomous and connected vehicle technologies. Read more from Transport Topics and The Trucker.

Proposal Would Let Veteran Truckers Use V.A. Doctors for Medical Exams

The FMCSA proposed a rule that would make it easier for Department of Veterans Affairs doctors to provide DOT physicals for military veterans. Read more from Heavy Duty Trucking, and American Trucker.

Comment Period for Speed Limiter Proposal Ends Next Week

December 7 is the last day to submit comments on a proposed rule requiring all new Class 8 trucks to use speed limiters. Read more from Overdrive Magazine and Land Line Magazine.

Trucker Involved in Tracy Morgan Crash Accepts Plea to Avoid Jail

Kevin Roper, the truck driver involved in the crash that killed James McNair and severely injured Tracy Morgan, accepted a plea deal which could help him avoid prison if he successfully completes a three-year intervention program. Read more from Land Line Magazine and The Trucker.

Capitol Christmas Tree Delivered to D.C.

The U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree arrived in Washington, D.C. after its 4,000-mile, three-week journey from the Payette National Forest in Idaho. Read more from FleetOwner and CCJ.

Walmart Ordered to Pay California Truck Drivers in Wage Lawsuit

Walmart Transportation was ordered to pay $54 million to a group of California truck drivers who filed a driver wage lawsuit alleging that the company was not paying them for all required time and work. Read more from Overdrive Magazine, and Heavy Duty Trucking.

Diesel Prices Dip to $2.420

The average retail diesel price dropped 0.1 cent to $2.420 per gallon, according to the Department of Energy. Read more from The Trucker and CCJ.

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