Trucking Industry News Update 10/10/17

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Time to Secure Trailers with Electronic Security, Real-Time Data Truck Trailers

Since cargo thieves are targeting loads with higher values, the time is ripe to equip trailers with better electronic security and real-time data that keeps productivity healthy by eliminating the potential for human error. Rob Phillips, president and COO of Phillips Industries, launched Phillips Connect Technologies to develop trailer lock-down systems as well as “plug and play connectivity” hardware. Read more about this emerging benefit for trailers in American Trucker.

Get Some Clarity on Intrastate Hauling and the ELD Mandate

Along with all the questions and controversies regarding the upcoming ELD mandate comes the swirling speculations about using electronic logging devices for strictly intrastate trucking. Some states such as Texas have specific intrastate hours-of-service regulations that may differ from the federal HOS rules. Plus, there’s the ELD to contend with and the fact that for those truckers that run short hauls and travel no more than eight days in a 30-day period, ELDs are not required. Get some clarity from this piece in CCJ Daily Report.

Meet Inspirational Women in Male-Dominated World of Transportation

Today women comprise approximately 5.1% of over-the-road truck drivers, and they also make up 21.1% of transportation, storage, and distribution managers, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Services. This is a milestone, as the trucking industry has long been dominated by men. has exhaustively compiled its second Women in Transportation issue. Check out a dozen in-depth profiles of inspirational women who have succeeded and influenced in a male-dominated profession.

Hero Truck Driver Dies in Vegas Music Festival to Save His Sister, Niece

Truck drivers are heroes. Look no further than Kurt Von Tillow, who owned Von Tillow Trucking in Cameron Park, California. He was one of 59 people killed in the recent mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas. He died protecting his sister and her daughter. His sister, Dee Ann Hyatt, says he warned them of the shooting. Because of him, Hyatt says, the two ladies got on the ground and stayed there. Read more about the avid golfer in Overdrive Magazine and Truckers News.

Tech-Cautious Trucking Industry is Embracing Computerized Change

The trucking industry, long considered cautious and maybe even resistant to new technology, is in the midst of a dramatic change. With the onset of ELDs, which will be mandatory for most truckers and trucking companies by December 18, 2017, the focus has shifted to other technologies such as tire inflation systems and video event recorders. offers a comprehensive story on how the trucking industry is on the brink of embracing the high-tech world.

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